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Hot Topics

- Open Cloud first to release JAIN SLEE compliant product
Open Cloud is the first to certify their Rhino platform to be JAIN SLEE compliant. Shortly after the final release of JSR 22: JSLEE, compliant with the Java Community Process and the JAIN Community, Open Cloud published the results of testing the Technology Compatibility Kit against their Rhino product. All the tests passed with no errors.

- JAIN Service Logic Execution Environment (JSLEE) achieves Final Release!
The JSLEE 1.0 specification is available at http://jcp.org/aboutJava/communityprocess/final/jsr022/index.html. JSLEE is an event-driven component-based container technology, designed to enable high performance, asynchronous, fault tolerant application servers. The technology is growing in adoption. To date, major telecommunications operators are utilizing JSLEE to provide new services in their networks, and to enhance or replace existing, more costly, service offerings. The JSLEE 1.0 RI can be obtained from here. The JSLEE 1.0 TCK can be obtained from http://jainslee.org.

- JAIN Technology Day in Munich, looks closely at JSLEE
On February 23rd, the Sun Office at Munich, over 20 companies representing the Global JAIN Community came to hear about JAIN SLEE, JAIN SIP, and future JAIN APIs. Several service providers such as Mobilkom, Vodafone, and Telecom Italia, came to hear about the latest JAIN SIP and JAIN SLEE trials and deployments as well as API development on Messaging, Presence, and SIP for J2ME.

- JAIN Technology Day in London, a huge success
On October 29th, the Sun Office at London Bridge played host to an array of industry experts, listening in and debating on the hottest JAIN technologies. Over 75 attendees packed the conference room; the event was so over-subscribed that many had to hold off on their travel plans and wait for the next JAIN Technology Day. The highlight of the day was Vodafone Spain's presentation on their recently concluded trials of the JAIN SLEE products from Opencloud and jNETx. Their next step is to promote JAIN SLEE within their network for enhanced services. More details of this event, plus details on the next JAIN Technology day, will follow in the next JAIN Newsletter.

- Visit JAIN at JavaOne SF'03
JAIN will have a stronger presence at JavaOne this year than ever before. Visit the JAIN booth on the show floor for an update on JAIN Technologies and Solutions. Catch the numerous JAIN sessions and BOF's at this years conference. Sessions covering JAIN SLEE, JAIN SIP, SIP for J2ME, SIP Servlets, Mobility, Presence and Instant Messaging and much more. Session numbers to look for include TS-1024, TS-1848, TS-1993, TS-2022, TS-3313, BOF-1847 and BOF-1993. At JavaOne, JAIN technology is the Java standard for communications. Visit here

- Download the new JAIN Technology Tutorial presenation
The new JAIN presentation contains the most up-to-date JAIN information and architectures. Find out how JAIN relates to other standards bodies such as OMA and 3GPP (homes for OSA, IMS). Visit here

- Read the new JAIN SLEE Principles White Paper
Check out the new JAIN SLEE Principles technical article. This document clarifies the underlying principles and benefits of the SLEE specification in a simple brief document. Visit here

- Certify your JAIN product under the new self Certification Program
 For more information visit  here

- JAIN SIP v1.1 (Pre-release) available for download
JAIN SIP includes new support for the recent SIP RFC's, including improved transaction and dialog support. NIST has developed a fully functional JAIN SIP stack (RFC 3261 compliant), a pure JAIN SIP Proxy and Registrar application with presence and instant messaging support and a JAIN SIP Instant Messenger user agent, all to be included in the Reference Implementation. A JAIN SIP Softphone (JsPhone) has also been contributed to the NIST SIP distribution by Emil Ivov from Louis Pasteur University - Strasbourg, France.

- SIP for J2ME enters Public Review

- SIP Servlet API achieves Final Release!

- JAIN SLEE: Proposed Final Draft 2 available

- JAIN PAM completes Public Review

- JAIN Video
Download the JAIN video in RealPlayer format. Please note that you can download RealPlayer from http://www.real.com

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Forthcoming events include: 
- April 21st, JAIN Technology Day, Tokyo, Japan.
A free seminar covering all the relevent JAIN technologies.
- May 26th, JAIN Technology Day, Dallas.
A free seminar covering all the relevant JAIN technologies.
- June 28th - July 1st, JavaOne, San Francisco, California.
See here
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JAIN Newsletters

Download recent JAIN Community Newsletters in PDF format: Back to top

Press Releases

Sun Releases

May 28, 2002: JAIN Initiative Newsbyte

June 2001: Talking Business magazine. Personal Services

June 2000: Talking Business magazine. The House that Java Built

JAIN Community Releases

nLoci - Jan 23, 2003: nLoci Releases Evaluation Version of Atrium Server

jNETx - Oct 7, 2002: Ireland Based Meteor Mobile Chooses jNETx to Provide Open Service Access / Parlay Solution

Terminal Technologies - Sept 12, 2002: Terminal Technologies Helps Set Standards for Next-Generation Communications Applications

Terminal Technologies - Aug 14, 2002: Terminal Technologies First to Announce SIP Presence Server Delivered in a J2EE Container

Eurescom - June 2002: JAIN - Bringing Java Technologies into Communications

Fujitsu - June 27, 2002: eVolving II [Japanese]

TrueTel - June 3: Eastern Broadband Telecom Selects TrueTel Communications' JAIN technology-based TrueConverge Product line as their Enhanced Services Platform

TrueTel - June 3: TrueTel Communications' TrueConverge Product Achieves Industry's First JAIN Certification for Java Call Control.

Pingtel - March 25, 2002: Pingtel to Release Early Version of JAIN SIP Lite To Speed Deployment of New IP Telephony Applications

AePONA - February, 2002: AePONA announce the world's first commercial OSA/Parlay deployment using Sun Technology

8 x 8 - December 17, 2001: 8x8 Announces JAIN SIP Specification Certification of its eSIP SIP Stack

TCS - August 17, 2001: TCS Teams Up with Leading Companies for VoIP

IBM - June 4, 2001: IBM Offers First Software to Support Open Telecom Standards

Ulticom - March 19, 2001: Samsung to Use JTCAP Signalware From Ulticom for 3G Wireless Services

Telcordia - January 30, 2001: Telcordia and Sun Release JAIN Call Control Specification to the Industry

dynamicsoft - January 22, 2001: First Public Release of JAIN SIP API Taps Into Growing Momentum for SIP-Based Converged Communications Services

Parlay - November 2, 2000: Parlay Group Triples Membership Since June - Interest Grows with JAIN, 3GPP and OMG Liaison Activities

Radvision - September 12, 2000: Radvision Announces Plans to Offer Jain And Parlay Interfaces for Mgcp Toolkit for Decomposed Gateway Architectures

Ulticom - June 6, 2000: Ulticom Uses Java Technology to Speed Communication Service Creation.

dynamicsoft - June 6, 2000: dynamicsoft Announces Completion of JAIN SIP API Company Demonstrates SIP-Based Services at Sun Pavilion.

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