Swing Sightings Volume 7

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Swing Sightings Volume 7

January 22nd, 2002

More Swing Sightings!

The button indicates that if you have Java Web Start installed, you can launch the appication by just simply clicking on the the button. Note: if you don't have Java Web Start installed, you can get it here.

If you know of an application that should be considered for this Swing Connection feature, we'd love to hear about it.

 HBO™ P2 Application - HBO™

Brad Wellington was kind enough to send us screenshots and this description of a nice looking application that's used within HBO. P2 is an enterprise application that tracks all products, like movies, and shows, as well as parties (actors, companies) in both the film and television markets. The application also keeps track of each product's financials. The application is used internally at HBO for purposes ranging from keeping track of different taped versions of films (television version, theater version, etc...) , to tracking our own original programming. P2 was built at HBO using an Oracle/Weblogic (J2EE) and Swing Client multitiered design.

The HBO website is at: www.HBO.com

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 Impress - Impress Software AG

Impress Software AG in Hanover Germay is an eBusiness integration company with an impressive roster of clients and an equally impressive stable of web started Swing clients.

The screenshots below show some of the applications that are part of the "IMPRESS Engine", an EAI tool for SAP, Siebel and Oracle, among others. Thanks to Jens Niemeyer, the Business Scenarios Manager at Impress, for providing the screenshots.

Visit the Impress website at: www.impress.com

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 JAP (Java Anon Proxy) - Project Anonymity

If you're sick of getting wave after toxic wave of spam email from every site you've left your digital footprints in, you should take a look at the client and server (open source!) software from the Java Anon Proxy (JAP) project. They've built a very nice looking, web started Swing client that lets you configure their privacy proxy server. JAP is a software development within the Project Anonymity in the Internet sponsored by the German Research Foundation and the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.

The JAP website can be found at: anon.inf.tu-dresden.de

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 JFreeChart (Open Source)

JFreeChart is a free open source charting package that takes advantage of Swing and Java2D. According to the project home page, it supports: horizontal and vertical bar charts (regular and stacked, with optional 3D-effect), line charts, pie charts, xy-plots, scatter plots, time series and high/low/open/close charts. That should be enough to get you started! The site also hosts several other class libraries for financial applications including a kind of utility I'd never heard of before for doing calculations in terms of "International Business Days".

Visit the JFreeChart website at: www.jrefinery.com/jfreechart

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 BurseWare - Alexandre Aubry

Alexandre Aubry
has written a great looking, web started, application for monitoring the French stock market. As you can see, the current beta version of the application hasn't been internationalized yet. It probably will be by the time the final version of the app ships. Hackers note: Alexandre's ISP doesn't support JNLP files yet, so he wrote a little PHP script to dynamically change the content type of the file to jnlp application. That's why the JNLP link below is a PHP file!

Visit the BourseWare website at: alex.aubry.free.fr/bourseWare

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 HyperQBS Dragon - Qbizm Technologies

HyperQbs is a servlet framework for building J2EE based web applications. Dragon is a visual tool for building HyperQbs applications and it sports a nice looking Swing GUI. Dragon runs inside Forte for Java, as you can see it's a pretty substantial extension.

Visit the HyperQBS website at: www.hyperqbs.org/TakeATour/Dragon.hq

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 Crossroads Technology


Crossroads Technologies is a professional services company that helps enterprises build custom financial, telecom, and other complex applications for mobile and desktop devices. The screenshots you see here show the kinds of projects they've been creating for desktop users on broadband connections. The skins are totally custom, with standard Swing components and extras from Sitraka and JMF underneath.

You can visit the Crossroads website at: www.CrossroadsTech.com

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 Flora - John Malpas

Flora is an application written by John Malpas for browsing scientific information about California native plants, notably the data in the " CalFlora" database. In addition to being a useful application, Flora is a nice example of how one can customize Swing to produce something that's distinctive and easy on the eyes. One of the nicest looking database viewing applications we've seen.

You can visit the Flora website at: www.jmalpas.net

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 doIRC - Harimohan S. Bawa

doIRC is an IRC chat client written by Harimohan S. Bawa with a full featured MDI user interface.
It's been around for some time and is recommended on tucows.com and jars.com. Check it out if you chat.

Visit the doIRC website at: www.bawa.com

(note: click on the images for larger views)



 JBlitz - Clan Productions

You've just finished putting the finishing touches on a big new web site that's chock of full of JSP pages. JBlitz is a tool for stress testing your creation by creating synthetic requests and timing the responses! The results are collected over time and can be displayed and sorted in graphs and tables.

Visit the JBlitz website: www.clanproductions.com/jblitz

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 XCard - Shawn Ellis

Do you have trouble memorizing long lists of words? Perhaps you're not one of the lucky ones who can internalize the translations for the eruption of XML acronyms that's erupted lately. Quick test: decode JAXM, JAXP, JAXRPC, and JAXB; and for extra credit: JXTA. If you need a little help with this kind of thing, the XCard application may be just what you need. It's designed to help with the task of memorizing vocabulary lists, like the French translations of English words.

Visit the XCard website here: dellis.dsl.visi.com/apps


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 Sharp Tools - Sharp Tools Software

Back in the fall of 2000, a group of five CS students at Columbia built a nice spreadsheet application as part of a software engineering class project. The application has lived on and now offers most of the basic features you'd expect to find in a commercial spreadsheet. And as an added bonus, you get the source code too. This application also merits a special honor for the creepiest about-box we've seen in a spreadsheet.

You can visit the SharpTools website at: www.cs.columbia.edu/sharptools

(note: click on the images for larger views)
 HotEdit - Henrik Falk Software

HotEdit is a generic editor that allows one to create image specific data, like points and areas and links, with a direct manipulation style editor. The current version of this freeware app ws one to generate HTML (and XHTML) imagemaps. It also serves as a demo of another product - VAInstall, a Java installer.

Visit the HotEdit homepage here: www.hfalk.dk/hotedit/

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DataScan is an open source tool for image viewing and analysis. It's commonly used to work with microscope images however one other use it's particularly well suited for is digitzing points in scanned images and contour plots.

DataScan was written by a group of scientists, including the phsyicist Dr. Ken Ritley who's now moved from the lab to HP Consulting in Sindelfingen Germany. He reports that the member of his team are "HUGE users here of Java and Swing" which is always nice to hear!

Check out the DataScan website here!

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 Information Organizer - Technical Avenues Corporation

Here's an application for people who are not content to collect information on scraps of paper and post-it notes and then file them in drawers and the occasional manila folder. The Information Organizer from Technical Avenues Corporation allows one to stash pictures and text and even media files in a database and then sort, view, index, and reorganize them to your heart's content.

There's even a server app so that you can share your highly organized information with others. For a free evaluation version of the application that can be launched with Java Web Start, take a look here.

You can visit the Information Organizer website at: informationorganizer.com

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 Swing Cheatsheet

You know you've made the big-time when you're on a college cheat-sheet. This card supposedly covers all of Java 1.2, including Swing! We did notice a few errors, however.

We've noted one for you, now see if you can find some more.

By the way. that's Fluffy on the left, and Jake and Elwood on the right. We'll save Tweety for a future edition.

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