Swing Sightings Volume 8

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Swing Sightings Volume 8

February 25th, 2002

Even more Swing sightings!

The button indicates that if you have Java™ Web Start installed, you can launch the appication by just simply clicking on the the button. Note: if you don't have Java™ Web Start installed, you can get it here.

If you know of an application that should be considered for this Swing Connection feature, we'd love to hear about it.

 eXtend Workbench - SilverStream

SilverStream's eXtend Workbench is an extensible IDE for building J2EE applications and web services. The IDE sports a gradient rich colorful custom Swing GUI with features like wizards for creating JSPs and EJBs and support for all of the usual IDE features from coding to deployment.

You can visit the SilverStream website here: www.silverstream.com

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 Visual Paradigm

Here's a Java IDE that can be used to go all the way from UML to generated Java code in real-time. Visual Paradigm is both a UML design tool and a Java IDE. Y.K. Leung, a principal at VP, pointed out that the tool can be used in both directions: 'diagram to code' and 'code to diagram'. He also said that the product is a "one-stop-shop-solution from diagram to code" which implies to me that he does some product marketing work as well.

And it's Java™ Web Start Enabled!

You can visit Visual Paradigm at: www.visual-paradigm.com

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 OS MasterMap Viewer - Snowflake Software Ltd.

Snowflake's OS MasterMap Viewer is a lightweight map viewer that supports Ordnance Survey's (Great Britain's National Mapping Agency) latest flagship product, OS MasterMap. The viewer has a comprehensive Swing interface with support for direct parsing of compressed GML files and SVG based styles. Note: to launch the application with Java Web Start, you need to fill out a short form which you'll find here.

You can visit Snowflake Software here: www.snowflakesoft.co.uk

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 WireFusion IDE - Demicron

Demicron is a company in Sweden that provides a wide selection of applets for HTML authors that want to spice up their pages with special effects and navigation controls.

They also have a product called WireFusion that makes it easy to create applets for 2D and 3D "product presentations". These presentations are more than just panorama viewers, they're interactive demos. And there's a nice Swing IDE for creating them, see below.

You can visit Demicron's website here: www.demicron.com

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 SocratEase - Quelsys

Peter Cholnoky, the President and CEO of Quelsys, was kind enough to provide this description of the SocratEase app: SocratEase, by Quelsys, is an ASP e-learning platform that makes it easy to train and certify sales people, dealer reps, and employees on products and services. CourseDesigner, pictured below, is a Java technology-based, distributed WYSIWYG authoring tool empowering knowledge workers to rapidly build custom training and testing. SocratEase manages content delivery, student enrollments, tracks results, and automatically delivers completion certificates. CourseDesigner builds XML IMS compliant knowledge objects with easy-to-use, drag-and-drop layout tools and question editors.

You can visit the Quelsys website here: www.quelsys.com

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 Struts Console - James Holmes

Developers who build "web applications" that have JSP and Servlet based server components and an HTML/browser GUI often use a framework called Struts. James Holmes has built a nice tool for editing the potentially complex XML configuration files used by the Struts framework that also works as a plug-in for Java IDEs like Forte™ for Java.

The Struts Console website can be found here: www.jamesholmes.com/struts/console

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 Telemorphic Maplicity


In a timely press release back in early November 2001, the folks at Telemorphic described their new web-deployed Swing application like this. "Telemorphic has launched an interactive Web-based GIS and satellite image visualization service for Afghanistan and surrounding environs. The Afghanistan map service is built entirely with public domain data including low-resolution digital elevation models, medium-resolution Landsat Thematic Mapper (TM) satellite imagery, and small-scale roads, rivers, populated places, and political boundaries."

The site is powered by Telemorphic's Java technology-based Maplicity product and Redlands, CA-based ESRI's ArcIMS Internet GIS server software.

You can visit the Telemorphic website here: www.telemorphic.com

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 Arabeske - Franćois Dispot

Arabesque is an intricate hypnotic pattern made of interlocking lines and flowing shapes. Arabeske Studio is a Java technology-based tool written by Franćois Dispot for creating Arabesques. It's designed to work well with the POV-Ray ray tracing application - you can use it to create patterns for walls and ceilings and backdrops. We've included a couple of the images Francois created as well as screenshots of the app. I'm going to use Arabeske to design the floor for the entryway in my first castle... should that opportunity ever arise.

You can find Arabeske at: www.wozzeck.net/arabeske

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The Saffeine research team were kind enough to send this concise description of their product: Saffeine is a pure Java™ framework that uses the power of the Java™ Cryptography Extension (J.C.E.) to provide feature-driven license management and code protection, based on Public Key cryptography, in one product. Saffeine allows software developers to provide solid protection for their products without embedding traditional license validation code.

The Saffeine engine uses strong cryptography algorithms to obfuscate Java bytecode. It also provides an embeddable secure run-time environment, a simple API for developers, and a user friendly IDE.

The Saffeine website is at: www.saffeine.com

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Here's the two sentence description of the TogetherSoft Control Center™ from their web site: "Together ControlCenter is the comprehensive end-to-end Model-Build-Deploy development platform for building enterprise solutions. It simplifies and integrates the design, deployment, debugging, and administration of complex applications."

This IDE looks like a good match for developers that can work top-down, from a UML diagrams to working code to deployment.

You can visit the TogetherSoft website here: www.togethersoft.com

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 Project Desktop/Enterprise - Intellisys

Shiva Chaudhuri was kind enough to point us at these two project management products from Intellisys: Project Desktop and Project Enterprise. Both tools provide nice looking Swing GUIs. And the web site introduces Project Enterprise with one of the more action packed sentences we've seen in a while: "Intellisys Project Enterprise is a distributed, concurrent, multi-user, multi-platform project management system, designed for organizations that have grown out of the scope of traditional project management tools."

We hope you'll share these screenshots and links with an enterprising project manager near you!

You can visit the website here: www.telemorphic.com

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