Swing Sightings Volume 11

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Swing Sightings Volume 11

October 18th, 2002

More Swing Sightings!

The button indicates that if you have Java™ Web Start installed, you can launch the appication by just simply clicking on the the button. Note: if you don't have Java™ Web Start installed, you can get it here.

If you know of an application that should be considered for this Swing Connection feature, we'd love to hear about it.

 Morpheus 2.0 from StreamCast Networks

StreamCast Networks has released a new file-sharing client for the GNUtella network called Morpheus 2.0.

Morpheus 1.0 was downloaded over 100M (million!) times. This could be the biggest Java 2 client deployment ever. As of early October 2002, the download rate was about 240,000 per week. However, in the first three days, about one million early adopters gave Morpheus a try.

We've given the application a quick test-drive to access the GNUtella network - very nice! Morpheus is the first application we've seen that embeds IE in a JTabbedPane. If you need to share files, you'll want to take a look.


You can visit their website at: www.morpheus.com


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Jeff Martin was kind enough to send us this description of their product:

"ReportMill is a Java developer tool for dynamically generating web pages and reports from Java applications in formats such as PDF and Flash. ReportMill combines an easy-to-use page layout application and a powerful pure Java developer framework in a single jar file, which is remarkably easy to integrate into custom Java applications. The layout application is about as full featured as a drawing package can be: rich text editing, drag and drop image support, curve/polygon drawing and editing, gradients, textures, transparency, advanced transforms, color picking, font selection and more. ReportMill also features a powerful and intuitive animation system - just reconfigure graphic elements at different times and let the app do the rest!"


You can visit their website at: www.reportmill.com

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 yEd Graph Editor from yWorks

Sebastian Mueller sent us a pointer to this web-started demo application for the yFiles visualization library. Here's a description of the demo app from the web site: "yEd is a powerful graph editor that is written entirely in the Java -2>TM programming language. It can be used to quickly generate drawings and apply automatic layouts to all kinds of diagrams and networks. It is part of the yFiles library and available as a standalone demo (not yet available as a standalone diagramming tool). The underlying API consists of a class library for viewing, editing, optimizing, laying out and animating diagrams, networks and other graph-like structures."

You can visit their website at: www.yworks.de/en/products_yed_about.htm




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 Columba Email Client

Columba is a great looking web-started email client written entirely in Java. The developers have gotten pretty close to their first 1.0 release. If you try it out and run into any problems, be sure to contribute some fixes back to the project. The implementation of Columba is GPL'd open source!


You can visit their website at: columba.sourceforge.net

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 Abeille from JETA Software, Inc

Jeff Tassin from JETA Software in Houston, Texas was kind enough to send us a pointer to Abeille (pronounced ah-bay), a query tool and database browser that supports PostgreSQL. The nice looking look and feel you see in the screenshots below is from Incors.


You can visit their website at: www.jetaware.com


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Sometimes you just want a debugger, and sometimes you really need one. JDebugTool is a great looking standalone Java technology-based debugger based on the JPDA API (Java Platform Debugger Architecture). It can be used to debug plugin-enabled applets. It supports "class hot swapping", i.e. loading new versions of individual classes without restarting the VM, and tons of other features. JDebugTool is a shareware app. You can try it for free for 30 days and then purchase it if you like it.

You can visit their website at: www.debugtools.com


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Mike Mills from Photica Inc. was kind enough to send us this tidy description of the PhotoPulse application: "PhotoPulse is a consumer-oriented Swing application that provides a fast and easy way to make professional looking web-compatible slide show presentations from their digital photos and MP3 music. PhotoPulse creates slide shows that can be played back over the web or locally using the Macromedia Flash player so no extra downloads or plugins are required for playback. The product utilized the Kunstoff look and feel for the user interface."

You can visit their website at: www.photica.com

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 Clover Code Coverage Tool

If you write tests for your Swing applications, then you'll want to know to what extent those tests actually hit every last line of application code you've written. Clover is a tool for measuring test "code coverage" and it generates reports that can be viewed with a web browser or with the nice looking Swing GUI you see below. You can guess which one we prefer!

You can visit their website at: www.thecortex.net/clover


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 Tekadence Magik

Tekadence Magik is a innovative IDE that appears to really embrace visual programming for both layout and logic. It looks like one can write an entire web-started Swing application without descending into the coding realm. There's a 30-day free evaluation version of the IDE and the web-started demos look great. The marketing copy on their home page says "Tekadence Magik is software made simple!"

That's the right idea!


You can visit their website at: www.tekadence.com

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David Ekholm sent us a note about an application he's written called JAlbum, which simplifies creating photo albums for the web. This line from his web site pretty much says it all: "Drop a folder containing image and movie files onto JAlbum and press 'Make album'. JAlbum will create thumbnails of your images and display them in HTML index pages." Take a look at some sample albums created with JAlbum here.


You can visit their website at: www.datadosen.se/jalbum

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JSuperChat is a nice looking web-started instant messaging client for AIM MSN, ICQ and Yahoo. To get to the Java Web Start link you need to fill out a little registration form. Well worth the trouble.


You can visit their website at: www.zion.com/products/jsuperchat

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Logo is a programming system for introducing computing to children or the young-at-heart. Since its early days in the 1960's, Logo's conceit has been a robot turtle that drags a pen around on a sheet of paper. Logo programs create pictures by guiding the turtle, raising and lowering the pen, and so on. StarLogo is a specialized version of Logo with a more advanced mission: "StarLogo is a programmable modeling environment for exploring the workings of decentralized systems - systems that are organized without an organizer, coordinated without a coordinator. With StarLogo, you can model (and gain insights into) many real-life phenomena, such as bird flocks, traffic jams, ant colonies, and market economies."


You can visit their website at: education.mit.edu/starlogo

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 SSKeytool - Southgate Souftware Ltd.

Wade Badenhorst from Southgate Software was kind enough to send us this description of SSKeytool: "SSkeytool is a GUI replacement for the JDK's keytool command-line utility for managing private and public keys. SSkeytool provides enhanced functionality not present in keytool; like the ability to export/import Microsoft code signing format files and the ability to sign certificate signing requests (become your own CA!) and much, much more."


You can visit their website at: www.southgatesoftware.com/products/sskeytool

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A very long time ago, when one used a VT100 terminal to log on to a VAX Unix system, there was a game called Rogue. I spent countless hours driving a TTY cursor around the Rogue mazes and now it's all a fond, albeit dim, memory. To my surprise there's still quite a bit of interest in Rogue and later derivations like Nethack. Here's a Java technology-based application that provides a nice graphical view of the Rogue world, written by Tom Demuyt.


You can visit their website at: ty2.berlios.de/tyrant.html

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 Store Explorer - Cycle23

We've always thought that Java would have a huge role to play in online retail. Despite yeoman efforts by HTML and JavaScript afficianados to create a compelling shopping experience for retailers with large product catalogs, the results have never matched what's possible with a Java technology-based application.

Thankfully, it looks like this situation is about to change. For example, Amazon and Google now provide SOAP/WSDL-based web services that can be used to write rich Java technology-based clients that serve up results fast, and can support all of the interactive searching, sorting, filtering, and visualization that imaginative developers can think up.

A company called Cycle 23 has gone one step further - they're already providing a commercial grade "Store Explorer" applet that's getting rave reviews from online customers at the Fredericks of Hollywood site. That's right - the famous (infamous?) lingerie store. To conduct a scientific evaluation of this applet click here and check it out.

You can visit their website at: www.cycle23.com/demos/fredslarge.asp


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