For those customers who have not already made the switch to Sun's official Java, now is the time to upgrade to Sun's Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

Sun’s JRE offers immediate benefits through a richer, more available, and broader capacity platform. With over 800 million existing systems running Sun’s JRE, Sun distribution agreements with the majority of new PC manufacturers, and as many as 50 million JRE downloads of Sun’s JRE a month, upgrading your applications has never been easier.

Making the switch to Sun’s JRE

In most cases you won’t have to do anything at all. The majority of Java applications and applets that run on the MS JVM also run on the Sun JRE. However, if your applications or applets use any MS JVM-specific features, you will need to check for dependency issues and tune the code. Typically, just recompiling your program with the standard Java compiler reveals which nonstandard classes are being accessed.

This upgrade program provides a collection of articles, upgrade guides, support forums, and tools, all assembled to make it easy to upgrade PCs, as well as identify and rework technical dependencies in your applets and applications.

We will continue to update to this program as needed to support customer transition issues from the outdated MS JVM to Sun’s official JRE.


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