Oracle Business Transaction Management Downloads

Oracle Business Transaction Management (BTM) provides end-to-end performance monitoring and tracking of business transactions across your distributed composite applications.

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BTM consists of:

  • BTM Servers:
    • Monitor(s): Server(s) that receive observations from BTM Observer(s)
    • Central Servers
- Main Server: that provides processing for metadata and data visualization.
- Performance Server: that collects and provides processing on performance data.
- Transaction Server: that collects and provides processing on transaction data.
  • BTM Observers: Passive agents that monitor traffic as it flows through heterogeneous application components.

Oracle Business Transaction Management (

BTM Servers (Monitor and Central Servers):


BTM Observers:

Oracle WebLogic (10.3.[2-6])
Oracle WebLogic (12.1.x)
Oracle Enterprise Gateway (
Microsoft IIS (6-7)


BTM Observers maintained from 12.1.0.x.x releases

(Supported with current BTM Servers release)
Oracle OC4J (10.1)
Oracle WebLogic (9.2.x)
IBM WebSphere (6.1)
JBoss (4.3)

BTM Samples: Sample Apps, Reports, Scripts etc.