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ORION (Oracle I/O Calibration Tool) is a standalone tool for calibrating the I/O performance for storage systems that are intended to be used for Oracle databases. The calibration results are useful for understanding the performance capabilities of a storage system, either to uncover issues that would impact the performance of an Oracle database or to size a new database installation. Since ORION is a standalone tool, the user is not required to create and run an Oracle database.

With the goal of closely mimicing the Oracle database, ORION generates a synthetic I/O workload, using the same I/O software stack as Oracle. ORION can be configured to generate a wide range of I/O workloads, including ones that simulate OLTP and data warehouse workloads.

ORION is available for many platforms. Support for additional platforms will be added in the future. The User's Guide provides detailed usage documentation, including a "getting started" section and trouble-shooting tips. A summary of how to use ORION is also available directly from ORION by invoking the "-help" option.

Please note that ORION is not supported by Oracle.

ORION Version 11.1
 Linux (x86) (11,901,381 bytes)
 Linux (x86-64) (13,673,108 bytes)
 Linux (Itanium) (31,645,565 bytes)
 Linux (Power) (11,742,296 bytes)
 Solaris (SPARC64) (19,831,133 bytes)
 AIX (PPC64) (13,052,013 bytes)
 zLinux (13,907,002 bytes)
 HPUX (PA RISC) (16,854,973 bytes)
 HPUX (Itanium) (35,609,603 bytes)
ORION Version 10.2
 Windows (7,865,856 bytes)
 Users Guide