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Please use Oracle BAM to start new projects. All users of BAM 12c should consult the list of mandatory patches provided by Oracle support (Doc ID 1682371.1). You should install both the list of one-off patches and the merge patches. Be sure to check for any post-installation instructions. BAM users should in particular be sure to follow the post-installation instructions mentioned in bug 23666254 or any merge patches containing this bug number. A minimum or 3 managed server nodes is recommended for a cluster configuration. See the BAM 12c Best Practices and Performance Tuning guide for recommendations on tuning JVM settings and other useful suggestions.

BAM 12c Foundation Training

This is Oracle BAM 12c foundation training material for designed to be used with the SOA Suite 12.1.3 VirtualBox VM now available on OTN.

BAM 12c Educational White Papers / Hands-on instructional documents for using 12c 

Springboard Tutorial

BAM Active Data Service 12.1.3 / resource zip file

Dashboard Visualizations in Oracle BAM 12.1.3 / resources zip file

Event Stream Analytics in Oracle BAM 12.1.3 / resources zip file

Pattern Matching Capabilities in Oracle BAM 12.1.3 / resources zip file

The associated zip files contain samples related to the white paper. This zip file contains scripts or information common to all samples:

Tech Notes

BAM 12c Best Practices and Performance Tuning

Sending high volumes of upserts to the same row in the BAM data object using OSA

BAM 12c Project Artifact Management Practices

How-To Enable the GeoMap Preview Feature in BAM 12c

Using ODI with BAM 12c

Using Advanced Queuing (AQ) to integrate with BAM 12c

BAM 12c Custom Skinning using CSS

Integrating another WebLogic JMS Server with BAM 12c

Using a custom action to automatically automatically close viewsets in BAM 12c:
For JDK 7
For JDK 8

NOTE: This is used to periodically close viewsets and associated continuous queries which may remain open until the session timeout if all of the users have not logged off correctly. This will save system resources by stopping continually running queries that may no longer be needed. This can be run at any time, but is most likely best scheduled to run at an off-peak time.

Using a custom action to automatically re-populate an external dimension data object in BAM 12c  (Associated Custom Action JAR file).
BAM version or higher is required to use this custom action. It is recommended that new projects start with at least version
NOTE: This is meant to be used with Oracle database tables that contain small amounts of reference data (e.g. lookup values, business-friendly names for code). It is not meant to be used with the transaction data. It will completely replace an internal database table containing the reference data with a completely new copy. In order to make active charts, you should create a "Simple Data Object" and populate the data using Enterprise Message Sources (EMS) (e.g. JMS) or web services.

Samples and Demos

BAM 12c HTML Link Sample

BAM 12c Drill Across Combo Chart Sample

BAM 12c Web Service Interface Examples

Populating BAM 12c from a SOA Composite using JMS
Note: A JDeveloper 12c BAM Connection is NOT required!

See the "White papers" section above for specific 12c demos on various subjects. The associated zip file contains the necessary artifacts.

Sample Code for Developers and Admins (Other Oracle Products)


Migrating from BAM 11g to BAM 12c

Oracle White paper: 11g to 12c Migration in Oracle BAM 12c

The most important thing to know when migrating from BAM 11g to 12c is to check the box "Turn this query into a continuous query" for any any charts that you want changing dynamically in real-time. 
This check-box can be found in the "Runtime-Interaction" section under "Active Data". This is NOT available for all chart types. See the Using Active Data section of the documentation for specific details.

Continuous Query

Need BAM 12c but you are using SOA 11g composites with the BAM adapter and you are not ready to migrate them to SOA 12c? No problem!

Learn how to move to BAM 12c while still running SOA 11g composites!

Using BAM 12c with an 11g Database

Prior to installing BAM 12c, Oracle recommends that you set-up your database to use SecureFiles. SecureFiles is the default storage mechanism for LOBs starting with Oracle Database 12c and Oracle strongly recommends SecureFiles for storing and managing LOBs, rather then BasicFiles. BasicFiles will be deprecated in a future release.
They will need to set a parameter to make SecureFiles the default before installing the SOA tables.

Example: ALTER SYSTEM SET db_securefile = 'ALWAYS';

This can significantly improve the performance for BAM 12c.