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Oracle Hyperion Essbase Administration Services (Essbase Administration Services) software is a robust, cross-platform graphical user interface that makes Essbase administration tasks easy to perform.

Administrators can simultaneously view and edit properties for multiple Hyperion Essbase databases, applications, users, scripts, and other objects from a single intuitive view.

Essbase Administration Services also provides wizards, editors, dynamic menus, and other tools to help you implement, monitor, and maintain analytic and enterprise performance management applications.

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What's New

Oracle Essbase Administration Services Release Highlights

Calc script editor support for new calc functions/ run-time substitution  variables (syntax coloring, command tree)

Oracle Essbase Administration Services Release Highlights

Filters Listed in Alphabetical Order
Filters listed in dialog boxes in Administration Services are now sorted in alphabetical order.

UNC Path Support
When working with Essbase clusters to achieve high availability of servers, it is customary to use network file systems for sharing the Essbase application files across systems. On Windows, you can use Universal/Uniform Naming Convention (UNC) to describe the location of a network resource, such as a shared directory. Syntax:

For Essbase and Administration Services running on Windows, UNC paths are supported to specify network shared paths for the following Essbase Server application artifacts:
    - Tablespace paths for aggregate storage applications
    - Disk volume paths for block storage applications

Changing Essbase Server and Application Log Levels
You can change Essbase log levels at the server and application level in Administration Services Console.

Hosted Online Help
Online Help content for Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System products is served from a central Oracle download location, which reduces the download and installation time for Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System. You can also install and configure online Help to run locally.

Cache Sizes Larger than 4 GB
Administration Services supports the enhancement of 64-bit Essbase Server to accommodate larger index, data, and data file cache sizes without setting a scaling factor. The MEMSCALINGFACTOR configuration setting is deprecated. For full database functionality, you must upgrade to the latest client software.


Oracle Essbase Administration Services Highlights

Specifying Multiple Rules Files for Multiple Data Load Files
You can now select multiple data files and apply the same rules file or files to all of them.

SSL Support for Essbase Connectivity
This release supports the use of Secure Socket Layers (SSL) to connect with Essbase Servers.

No SQL Data Source Option Added to Open SQL Dialog
You can now remove SQL information from the rules file.

Auditing Information Added
Additional information (application name, host name) has been added to the information passed between Administration Server and other applications to support SOX auditing requirements.

Oracle Essbase Administration Services Release Highlights

Console Activity Logging- Administration Services now provides the option to log all activity within Administration Services Console. In the event you experience problems and need technical assistance, these logs can help diagnose the problem.

Auto-Fix Shared Member Validation Errors- Administration Services now provides the option to automatically “fix” the outline, converting the first occurrence of a shared member into the primary member, and the former primary member into a shared member.

IPv6 Support- Administration Services now supports the IPv6 internet protocol.

Oracle Call Interface (OCI) Support- Administration Services now supports connecting to Oracle databases using the Oracle Call Interface (OCI).

Increased Length for User, Group, and Filter Names- Essbase and Administration Services support the following limits for user, group, and filter names: Non-Unicode application limit: 256 bytes, Unicode-mode application limit: 256 characters

Conversion of Block Storage Outlines to Unicode-mode Aggregate Storage Outlines- Essbase and Administration Services now supports these conversion scenarios:

  • Unicode block storage outline to Unicode aggregate storage outline 
  • Non-Unicode block storage outline to Unicode aggregate storage outline 

Increased Limit for Alias Tables- Oracle Essbase and Oracle Essbase Administration Services now supports 32 alias tables

Aggregate Storage Formulas MDX Templates - Administration Services includes a set of predefined templates to assist you in creating formulas within aggregate storage outlines.

Oracle Essbase Administration Services 11.1.1 Release Highlights

Release 9.3 Highlights

  • Time dimension wizard automates creation of time dimension hierarchies within Essbase ASO databases
  • Out of the box support for five predefined calendars: Gregorian, Manufacturing, ISO 8601, Fiscal, and Retail
  • Subset data export capability allows for the extract of slices from an Essbase database in multiple formats, including directly to relational tables
  • Developers may now provide the Essbase server with query hints for aggregating dimensions
  • Support for new aggregate storage functionality
  • Support for new advanced relational access functionality
  • Support for new data mining functionality
  • Ability to compare Essbase Administration Services models with dimensional models stored in Shared Services to detect changes
  • Ability to start Essbase Administration Services Console using Web Launch
  • Hyperion Business Rules are now incorporated in Analytic Administration Services
  • What's New in Hyperion Essbase Release 9.3?

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