Oracle Vertical Analytic Applications

Oracle Vertical Analytics are a set of Business Intelligence (BI) analytic applications that are designed for specific industries such as financial services, automative, energy, insurance, life sciences, and more. They empower users to drive core business processes with better decisions and actionable business insight specific to their line of business. The vertical analytic applications are specific industry extensions or flavors of BI Applications that enable organizations to realize the value of a packaged analytic application, such as rapid deployment, lower TCO, and built-in best practices, while also being able to very easily extend those solutions to meet their specific needs in that industry - all on one common BI architecture.

 Oracle Financial Services Industry Analytics Application
Oracle Financial Services Industry (FSI) Analtyics Application is a set of specific extensions to the core Oracle BI Applications or independent application that specifically adress financial services organizations needs for business intelligence solution.
Oracle FSI CRM Analytics deliver targeted and actionable customer analytics that enable informed and timely business decisions. It allows to improve business practices based on customer interaction analysis, product acquisition analysis, customer satisfaction and retention analysis, targeted campaign management, and more.
Oracle FSI Profitability Analytics provide insight into to all the profitability and performance related questions and helps organizations define effective strategies to increase revenues and reduce costs. This robust solution, based on OFSA applications, delivers comprehensive insight into profitability profile of customers, products, organization, employees and helps in identifying the key factors influencing the profitability of your customers.

Oracle FSI Profitability Analytics Release 7.9.2 directly connects to OFSA (Oracle Financial Services Application) version 4.5 Financial Data Management data model. This application provides with industry leading profitability and operational intelligence, numerous vertical prebuilt dashboards and a deep banking specific set of thousands of objects for ad-hoc intuitive multidimensional analysis.

 Oracle FSI Profitability Analytics Release 7.9.2 for OFSA version 4.5 is available
Technical Information
 Oracle FSI Profitability Analytics Documentation 7.9.2 (ZIP)
 Oracle FSI Profitability Analytics Documentation 7.9.3 (ZIP)