Oracle ExalyticsOracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine

Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine is the world’s first engineered system specifically designed to deliver high performance analytics, modeling and planning. Built using industry-standard hardware, market-leading business intelligence software and in-memory database technology that allows for the optimum use of massive amounts of compute and high-speed memory, Oracle Exalytics is an optimized system that delivers answers to all your business questions with unmatched speed, intelligence, simplicity and manageability – at the the speed of thought.

Oracle Exalytics

The Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine features an optimized Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite and Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database for Exalytics. Business Intelligence Foundation takes advantage of large memory, processors, concurrency, storage, networking, operating system, kernel, and system configuration of Oracle Exalytics hardware. This optimization results in better query responsiveness, higher user scalability and markedly lower TCO compared to standalone software. Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database for Exalytics is an optimized in-memory analytic database, with features exclusively available on Oracle Exalytics platform.


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