Oracle Essbase - Analytic Provider Services
Oracle Essbase

Oracle Essbase Provider Services is a middle tier services that delivers the following capabilities:

  • Hyperion Essbase High Availability Services
  • Hyperion Essbase Smart View for Office Provider
  • Java API
  • XMLA Provider for Hyperion Essbase
  • Essbase Web Services


Oracle Provider Services enables High Availability, Clustering, Load Balancing and Failover functionality for Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office, Java API, and XMLA clients of Essbase. High Availability services works with Hyperion Essbase to bring enterprise-level performance and reliability to Essbase analytic and performance management applications.

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 Oracle Essbase Studio
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 Oracle Essbase Integration Services
 Oracle Essbase Provider Services

What's New

Oracle Hyperion Provider Services Release Highlights


Oracle Hyperion Provider Services Release Highlights

Detection of Essbase Data Sources From Registry
To assist Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office connection management, Provider Services dynamically detects and retrieves Essbase data sources using the registry.

Essbase Web Services
Essbase Web Services will expose Essbase user and administrative functionality in a services-oriented (SOA) environment via Provider Services, and allow Essbase to be easily integrated with both Oracle and third-party applications.

Oracle Hyperion Provider Services Release Highlights

Logging in to Essbase Using Logical Names- Users can now provide the logical name of an active Oracle Essbase server or cluster to log in.
Optimized HsGetValue Performance- Provider Services has been enhanced to provide significant improvement in the performance of the Smart View function HsGetValue.
Optimized Smart View Data Submission- In Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office connected to Essbase through Provider Services, the submission of data has been optimized to improve the performance of the Submit Data operation.
Secure Communication between Essbase and Java API- In this release, you can choose to specify secure communication between Java API and Essbase using Secure Socket Layer (SSL).
Allocations and Custom Calculation API- The new Allocations and Custom Calculation API enables users to execute custom calculations on aggregate storage cubes.

Oracle Hyperion Provider Services release highlights

Increased Limit for Alias Tables- Provider Services supports 32 alias tables for block storage and aggregate storage databases.
Multiple Language Code Support for Alias Tables- Using the Essbase API, you can get the set of language codes and clear the language codes associated with an alias table.
IPv6 Support- Provider Services supports the IPv6 internet protocol.
Client Locale- In this release, when users of Provider Services client products move from one client to another or from one instance to another instance of the same client, the language of the original client is retained, including UI, error messages, and alias tables.
Java APIs
New Java APIs are included in Provider Services to provide the following functionality:
    MaxL execution from JAPI
    Re-registering Oracle Essbase applications with Oracle's Hyperion® Shared Services
    Ability to get and set DateFormat on the cube outline
    Identifying whether an outline is enabled for varying attributes
    Ability to create a Unicode ASO application
    Asynchronous JAPI for dataload and dimbuild
    Support for recursive hierarchies
    Drill-through on a range of cells in Studio-deployed Essbase cubes
    Batch reading of arrays
    Ability to get Oracle Hyperion Provider Services cluster status so that applications and cubes can be enabled or disabled automatically

 Oracle Essbase - Analytic Provider Services 11.1.1 Release Highlights

SmartView Provider - Provides:

  • Common provider for Essbase, Planning, and Oracle BI EE
  • Centralized connection definition
  • Ability to define data slices
  • Same report controls across Excel, Word or PowerPoint

Hyperion Provider Services Release 9.3 Highlights

  • XMLA enhancements:
    • The XMLA provider fully complies with the specifications of the XMLA Council
    • It is a first class API capable of providing robust data access from custom clients into the Essbase tier
  • Java consumers now have two means by which they can deploy and use JAPI:
    • Embedded JAPI - This is a simple deployment of the JAPI solution through a collection of .jar files (and related property files) that a JAPI client can embed within their application. In the Embedded mode, JAPI clients communicate directly to Essbase through the Java API
    • Three-tier Hyperion Provider Services mode
  • What's New in Hyperion Essbase Release 9.3? (PDF)

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