Hyperion SQR Production Reporting
Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Plus

Oracle Hyperion SQR Production Reporting (SQR Production Reporting) software is a module of Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Plus that generates high volume, presentation-quality and pixel-perfect formatted reports with unparalleled performance regardless of the type and number of disparate sources.

SQR Production Reporting delivers its comprehensive enterprise reporting capabilities through a graphical report creation environment and a powerful 4GL reporting language (called SQR) for advanced reporting and data processing.

SQR Production Reporting offers native drivers that optimize performance for a variety of data sources, such as SAP R/3 and SAP Business Information Warehouse, IBM DB2, and SQL Server; and multiple operating systems (Microsoft Windows, Linux, and UNIX). In addition, SQR Production Reporting generates reports in single and double-byte Unicode character sets as well as in multiple languages.

Report designers can take advantage of SQR Production Reporting's comprehensive report lifecycle management, flexible formatting, layout, and distribution options. Additionally, SQR Production Reporting provides proven, massive scalability through report bursting, and reduced processing time from single-pass production of reporting jobs.

SQR Production Reporting shares common administration, user management, and installation and configuration support with other Hyperion BI modules of Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Plus. This common infrastructure provides one point of access for end users to all content while reducing the maintenance required for IT professionals.

What's New

Oracle Hyperion SQR Production Reporting, Fusion Edition V.11.1.1 Release Highlights

  • OBIEE semantic layer integration
  • ODBC interface to Netezza data source
  • Support for Table object (through SQR language) – define, create, populate, dump, and print tables
  • Row Set XML output support for integration with Oracle BI Publisher
  • 64-bit support for Solaris/SPARC and AIX/PowerPC
  • SQR Production Reporting Studio enhancements, including support for multiple data sources in one report, predefined formatting styles and templates, and secure bursting
  • What's New in Oracle Hyperion SQR Production Reporting Release

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