Oracle BI Publisher Samples

The following examples show some of the outputs you can achieve with BI Publisher. Click on an image to view the full document.

Bill of Lading
Bill of Lading Example
High fidelity, using tables and
barcode fonts.
Management Reports
Sales Report Sample
Chart with summary functions
and table with detail records.
Check Print
Check Print Sample
High fidelity, using conditional formatting
and MICR fonts
Government Reporting
VETS Report Sample
Government forms with header
& lines support
Dunning Letters
Dunning Letter Sample
High fidelity, personalized letters
and communication
Operational Reports

Journal Listing Sample
Re-grouping, conditional highlighting, summary calculations,
running page totals

Tax Forms
P11D Tax Sample
Government tax form filling
Invoice Batch Sample
High fidelity, barcodes, summary-detail regions, page totals, report totals
Financial Statements
Balance Sheet Sample
Company level data, conditional formatting, summary totals