Hyperion Financial Close Management

Oracle Hyperion Financial Close Management is built for centralized, web-based management of period-end close activities across the extended financial close cycle. The first application of its kind, Oracle Hyperion Financial Close Management will help manage all financial close cycle tasks including ledger and sub-ledger close, data loading and mapping, financial consolidation, account reconciliation, tax/treasury and internal and external reporting processes – any task associated with the extended financial close.

Oracle Hyperion Financial Close Management includes two modules: Close Manager and Account Reconciliation Manager. 

Close Manager
Close Manager is a task management solution. Tasks can be anything that needs to be done during the close process – whether in the transaction system, general ledger, consolidation system or reporting system. Employees are assigned to each task and the tasks are given a due date relative to each period end date so it’s easy to identify bottlenecks in the process using pre-built, web-based dashboards for monitoring the progress of the financial close. Common calendar views, task list views, and Gantt views are leveraged for each user’s tasks and active calendars and task lists allow users to launch applications and complete tasks from the calendar itself. A roll-forward feature allows quick set up new financial close calendars based on the prior financial close. 

Account Reconciliations Manager
Account Reconciliation Manager is a module dedicated to the management of account reconciliations. It helps companies reduce risk by providing real-time visibility into the performance of reconciliations and ensuring that all reconciliations prepared are properly qualified. It also helps companies streamline and optimize performance by automating certain reconciliation tasks and supporting risk-based reconciliation cycles. It enables balance integration using Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management ERP Integration Adaptor for Oracle Applications and has mapping features to summarize low-level balances to the level appropriate for reconciliation. Flexible auto reconciliation routines add efficiencies to the reconciliation process and there are easy to use features for maintaining reconciliation assignments, including mass update and import capabilities. Pre-built dashboards provide monitoring status, aging, performance metrics, and compliance metrics.

Product / Focus Areas

What's New

Oracle Hyperion Financial Close Management, V. Release Highlights

  • Oracle Browser Look and Feel
  • Close Manager Launching Options
  • Close Manager System Automation Enhancements
  • Global Integration Tokens in Close Manager
  • Global Integration Tokens in Account Reconciliation Manager
  • Period Activity Enhancement in Account Reconciliation Manager
  • Adding Custom Currencies to Account Reconciliation Manager
  • Semi-Automated Tasks
  • Actual Time to Complete Column Attribute
  • Hide Checkbox Options to Formats
  • Net Activity Attribute - from Prior Reconciliation
  • Frequency Relationship
  • Enhanced Data Load Options
  • Advanced User Assignments
  • Add Scheduling option to Data Load
  • Edit Currency UI
  • Extension to Auto Reconciliation
  • Summary Reconciliations
  • Documentation Now Certified on Apple Mobile Devices

Oracle Hyperion Financial Close Management, V. Release Highlights

  • Hosted online help
  • Close Manager
    • Configurable File Uploads
    • Bulk Reassignments within Schedules
    • Event Monitoring Integration Type
    • Minimum Task Duration
    • Multiple Schedule Selection on Dashboard Reports
    • Multiple Selection on Manage dialogs, Gannt, and Task List Views
    • Parent Task Navigation within Predecessor and Successor Views
  • Account Reconciliation Manager
    • Comprehensive tracking of unlimited numbers of reconciliations, including reconciliations
      of accounts in non-Oracle systems
    • Structured formats to guide preparation and ensure high quality reconciliations. This
      includes the ability to configure formats to the unique requirements of each type of account
    • Email notifications for status changes, upcoming due dates, and delinquencies
    • Approval and rejection capabilities with unlimited levels of review
    • Process optimization, including risk-based scheduling capabilities, auto reconciliation, and
      automated aging analysis
    • Dashboard reporting

Oracle Hyperion Financial Close Management, V. Release Highlights

  • Microsoft Outlook Task integration via Smart View
  • Account Reconciliations Workflow tasks
  • Task Restart – allows a completed task to be re-opened
  • System Automation Task Delegation
  • Enhanced Data Load Options – Replace, Replace All, Update
  • Larger Schedule Enablement – Support for Schedules with 2000 tasks
  • Revised Report Binder Format – easier hardcopy printing
  • Platform Expansion -  support for Microsoft SQL Server & Linux OS server support
  • New Product integration support
    • PeopleSoft Financials 9.0 & 9.1
    • Oracle GRC – Transaction Controls Governor 
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