Learn More About Oracle Stream Analytics  

Oracle Stream Analytics empowers business audience in any industry, to create and implement rich Fast Data solutions embracing real time, instant insight encompassing streaming infrastructures, Big Data and the Internet-of-Things. Requiring no knowledge of real time event driven architecture, the Analytical processing language, or any of the semantics of event stream processing application models.
The main features of the Oracle Stream Analytics include:
  • Visual GEOProcessing with GEOFence relationship spatial analytics (Master how to use now here)
  • New Expressive Patterns Library, including Spatial, Statistical, General industry and Anomaly detection, streaming machine learning
  • Streaming Expression and Business Rules Analysis
  • Catalog Topology Viewer and Navigation
  • An array of new streaming end point connections/targets, including Kafka
  • Catalog perspectives for major industries
  • Simplistic definition of Event Streams and References
  •  Abstracted visual façade to interrogate live real time streaming data and perform intuitive in-memory real time business analytics
  • Graphical representations of tabular streaming information
  • Actions to act on Analysis, push downstream to various event sinks

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