Oracle Data Integrator Exchange


This page consolidates samples for the Oracle Data Integrator Exchange.

The samples provided here are provided "as-is" and are not supported or tested by Oracle. Oracle disclaims all express and implied warranties, including, the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular use. Oracle shall not be liable for any damages, including, direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages for loss of profits, revenue, data or data use, incurred by you or any third party in connection with the use of these materials.

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Knowledge Modules Samples
Open Tools Samples
Procedures Samples
Repositories Samples
SDK Samples
Technologies Samples
User Functions Samples

Knowledge Modules Samples

DownloadRKM Cloud Applications (JYTHON)

DownloadRKM Oracle Include Hidden

DownloadRKM Hyperion Financial Management PS4


DownloadCKM MSSQL Azure PDW

DownloadCKM Amazon Redshift

DownloadCKM Teradata FK NULLS

DownloadJKM MSSQL to MSSQL Consistent (OGG)

DownloadJKM Oracle to Oracle Consistent Custom

DownloadJKM Oracle to Oracle (OGG - Integrated Replicat)

DownloadLKM MSSQL to Azure SQLDW (BCP)

DownloadLKM File to Redshift (Copy S3)

DownloadLKM Redshift to Redshift

DownloadLKM SQL to Redshift (Unload S3)

DownloadLKM File to Hive LOAD DATA

DownloadLKM Hive to Teradata QueryGrid View

DownloadLKM Hive to Teradata (TDCH 133)

DownloadLKM File to Oracle (SQLLDR Parallel)

DownloadLKM Hyperion Financial Management PS4 Members To SQL

DownloadIKM GreenPlum Control Append

DownloadIKM GreenPlum Incremental Update

DownloadIKM Oracle Delete

DownloadIKM Oracle Incremental Update (MERGE for Exadata)

DownloadIKM Oracle Incremental Update (Row By Row)

DownloadIKM Oracle SCD Type2 or Type4

DownloadIKM SQL Control Append Exadata

DownloadIKM SQL Control Append From DUAL

DownloadIKM SQL to File (Java)

DownloadIKM Oracle Temporal Data

DownloadIKM SQL to HDFS File Sqoop

DownloadIKM SQL to HDFS Hive Sqoop

DownloadIKM SQL to MongoDB

DownloadIKM MSSQL Azure PDW Incremental Update

DownloadIKM Oracle HCM Control Append

DownloadIKM Redshift Control Append

DownloadIKM Redshift Incremental Update

DownloadIKM Redshift Slowly Changing Dimension

DownloadIKM HDFS to HDFS (DistCp)

DownloadIKM File to Hive with CKM LOAD DATA

DownloadIKM Hive Control Append (TEZ)

DownloadIKM Teradata Incremental Update (LOGICAL DELETE)

DownloadGoogle Big Query KMs and Technology

DownloadIKM SQL to Hyperion Financial Management PS4 Data

DownloadLKM Oracle to Oracle Datapump Plus

DownloadIKM Oracle Partition Exchange Load

DownloadRKM EPM Cloud PBCS

DownloadIKM SQL to EPM Cloud PBCS

Open Tools Samples

DownloadStorage Cloud Service OpenTool

DownloadHDFS OpenTool

DownloadODI File Transformer OpenTool

Procedures Samples

DownloadProcedure FAILURE OUTPUT

DownloadProcedure SEED OBI CACHE

DownloadProcedure SEED OBI CACHE 1

SDK Samples

DownloadODI 12c - Model Creation (Groovy)

DownloadODI 12c - XML Model Creation (Groovy)

DownloadODI 11g SDK Samples

DownloadODI 12c - Consolidate Models (UI-Groovy)

DownloadODI 12c Mapping SDK Samples

DownloadODI 12c - Test Mapper Builder (Groovy)

DownloadODI 12c - Rename Mappings (UI-Groovy)

DownloadODI 12c - Replace KMs in Mappings(UI-Groovy)

DownloadODI 12c - Replace Optimization Context in Mappings(UI-Groovy)

DownloadCreate Sequence (SDK)

DownloadODI 11g Automation Scripts

Repositories Samples

DownloadODI 1221 Amazon EMR Repository Sample

DownloadODI 1213 Demo JMS Queues

DownloadODI 1213 Partition Exchange Repository Sample

DownloadODI 1213 SQL HDFS Sqoop Repository Sample

DownloadODI Early Arriving Fact Repository Sample

DownloadDynamic XML Load Same Schema (Smart Export)

DownloadXml DB Example

DownloadEBCDIC Processing Example

Technologies Samples

DownloadCloud Applications

DownloadApache Impala

DownloadAmazon Redshift

DownloadMicrosoft SQL Azure Data Warehouse

DownloadSAP HANA

DownloadEPM Cloud Service

User Functions Samples