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Come here to start creating SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) with your Siebel applications today. Learn how to service-enable Siebel CRM Business Services, Workflows, and Business Components and then build integrations, business processes and composite applications using Oracle Fusion Middleware.

Getting Started
 Service Enabling Siebel with Oracle Fusion Middleware [PPT - 10 minute replay]
 Oracle Fusion Middleware - A Crash Course [HTML]


How-To Tutorials (Oracle By Example's)
 Siebel Web Service Creation ( Viewlet)
 ADF: Presenting Siebel Data on a Web Application
 BPEL: Create Account in Siebel using BPEL Process Manager
 BPEL: Service Enable Oracle Siebel with Oracle BPEL Process Manager
 ADF + BPEL: Building a Complex Web Application Leveraging Siebel Web Services
 WEBCENTER: Consuming Siebel Web Services in WebCenter
 WEBCENTER: Using the Siebel Web Engine (SWE) to View Data in a WebCenter Application


 Why Oracle FMW is Best for Siebel Applications
 Mobility for Oracle Applications using Fusion Middleware
 Maximum Availability Architecture for Siebel
 AIA: Oracle AIA Foundation Pack for Oracle Applications [ Overview Viewlet | Demo Viewlet]
 BPEL: Combining Sync and Async BPEL Processes with Siebel
 BPEL: Siebel Import WSDL tool doesn't understand my BPEL-generated WSDL
 BPEL: Invoking Siebel OnDemand Web Service via BPEL
 INTEGRATION: "Publish-Subscribe" versus "Read" in Siebel Integration
 INTEGRATION: Interfacing Siebel OnDemand to Siebel OnPremise
 INTEGRATION: Consuming an OnDemand WebService in Siebel OnPremise through EAI Services
 MANAGEMENT: Superior Manageability for Siebel CRM [ Viewlet]
 MESSAGING: Configuring Reliable Messaging using JMS/AQ between Siebel CRM and SOA Suite
 SECURITY: Securing Siebel Web Services Using OWSM (Part 1)
 SECURITY: Securing Siebel Web Services Using OWSM (Part 2)
 SECURITY: Invoking A Secured Siebel Web Service with Trust Token from BPEL


 Oracle Fusion Middleware for Siebel

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