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New Features in Oracle Foundation Pack 11g Release 1 (

Updated: April, 2013

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Oracle Foundation Pack 11gR1 ( includes both bug fixes as well as new features listed below.

Downloads, documentation links and more information are available on the Oracle Foundation Pack OTN page and as always, we welcome your feedback on the Foundation Pack OTN forum.

New in Foundation Pack in this release


Direct Integration Support

  • Project Lifecycle Workbench support for functional decomposition
  • Service Constructor template for building direct integration service
  • Direct Integration Asset in Oracle Enterprise Repository -one or more integration projects
  • Design-time and Run-time harvesting into Oracle Enterprise Repository
  • Deployment Plan Generation and Deployment

Code Compliance Inspector (CCI)

  • Inspect one or more integration projects (command line)
  • Html report for viewing Technical Compliance
  • Inspect artifacts in SOA Composite Editor; display compliance results; click and jump to the source of compliance failure (JDeveloper Extension)
  • Access Technical Compliance Report in Oracle Enterprise Repository
  • Link (harvested) assets to appropriate sections of the report

Error Resubmission Tool

  • Search Criteria: Execution Context, ID, Message ID, Error Code, Composite Name, Resource Type and more….
  • Message drill down to see complete fault information
  • Resubmit multiple/batch messages to a Queue, Topic or Re-sequencer
  • Automatic derivation of resubmission utility parameters
  • Optional view containing history of resubmitted messages

Web-Based Transformation Mapper (preview feature)

  • Present AIA transformations in a web based UI
  • Create simple mappings by drag and dropping from Source to Target
  • Create and edit compound mappings using mapping builder
  • Use layered customizations to protect changes from patch/upgrade
  • Deploy changes to the runtime environment
  • Present application specific flex field metadata (Oracle E-Business Suite and Agile PLM)

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