Oracle Open World 2012 AIA,
Foundation Pack & SOA Governance Presentations

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The list below only includes SOA, AIA, Foundation Pack & SOA Governance presentations delivered or moderated by Oracle Product Management. For a complete list of Oracle Open World 2012 presentations, please go here.

 CON8669 - Using the Right Tools, Techniques, and Technologies for Integration Projects
Every integration project brings its own unique set of challenges. There are many tools and techniques to choose from. How do you ensure that you have a means of consistently and repeatedly making decisions about which tools, techniques, and technologies are used? In working with many customers around the globe, Oracle has developed a set of criteria to help evaluate a variety of common integration questions. This session explores these criteria and how they have been further organized into decision trees that offer a repeatable means for ensuring that project teams are given the same guidance from project to project. Using these techniques, the presentation shows how you can reduce risk and speed productivity for your projects.

 CON8769: Jump-starting Integration Projects with Oracle AIA Foundation Pack
The Oracle Application Integration Architecture Foundation Pack development lifecycle prescribes the best practice methodology for developing integrations between applications. The lifecycle is supported by a toolset that focuses on the architects and developers. Attend this session to understand how Oracle AIA Foundation Pack can jump-start integration project development and boost developer productivity. It demonstrates what the product does today and showcases new features such as support for building direct integrations.

 CON8545: Application Integration with Oracle SOA Suite: A Customer Perspective
Building a SOA enterprise practice across various business sectors at Eaton was a key driver of the approach for a unified application integration strategy, rather than having disparate technology components for various integrations across the company. Eaton’s solution deployment with Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle Application Integration Architecture has accelerated the company’s order lifecycle and addressed business challenges that demand more flexibility and adaptability. In this session, Eaton discusses when to pick which integration tool, how to put in place proper SOA governance, and what not to do. The session also covers key lessons from Oracle’s Siebel CRM Integration Pack for Oracle Order Management as well as integrations with SAP and MFG/PRO.

 CON8977: Integrating PLM with Engineering and Supply Chain Systems
Today most high-tech, medical device, and industrial manufacturing products are produced through mechanical design, electronics design, and software. Most recalls and quality issues arise because of configuration problems and interactions among these components. In this session, discover how integrating PLM with engineering processes and supply chain systems enables companies to manage common and integrated design information across all MCAD, ECAD, and software components.

 CON8591: Gaining Victory over SOA and Application Integration Complexity
Responsible for straightening out integration problems by introducing a service-oriented approach? In this session, a panel of Oracle customers, partners, and the Oracle Fusion Applications team itself share how they’ve conquered service-based application integration complexity—or at least aspects of it—through a combination of Oracle SOA governance and sound application architecture. Not the least of the problems is failing to manage the application environment and interfaces you already have available. Plus, the lack of automation to manage project artifacts and runtime deployments has long been an inhibitor to SOA success. The session includes a couple of mini-case studies on successful strategies for managing the complexity of today’s application environments.

 CON8612: The Timeline of an Oracle Enterprise Repository Implementation at Choice Hotels
Oracle customers using Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle Business Process Management, or Oracle Application Integration Architecture Foundation Pack often wonder how to get control of their service integration assets and also what to expect from a service repository over time. This session describes the high-level lifecycle of an enterprise repository implementation, including how the focus of the initiative shifts from project assets to business return as the organization matures, what roles and responsibilities come into play, and how new demands—such as supporting communities in the cloud—are met.

 CON8601: Oracle SOA Suite, the Most Capable Tool for Every Possible Integration Challenge
This session provided an overview of Oracle SOA Suite, an update on recent milestones, and an overview of the directions of the product. In addition, it looked at how Electronic Arts implemented a large Oracle SOA Suite project and reviewed the benefits it derived by embracing this integrated stack.

 CON8318: Successful Application Integration and SOA Projects: Customer Panel
The audience learned directly from Oracle SOA Suite users how they have successfully delivered new integration and/or service-oriented architecture (SOA) projects in their companies. The presentation discusseed best practices, how to avoid pitfalls, and how to measure success and ROI.

 CON8968: How to Integrate Cloud Applications with Oracle SOA Suite
There is a new integration need specific to applications offered as cloud services. Customers need to integrate with this new breed of applications. Compared to integrating with on-premises applications, existing paradigms to ensure reliability, performance, and security need to be revisited. This session highlighted how best to integrate with Oracle’s portfolio of cloud applications—including Oracle Fusion Customer Relationship Management, Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management, and Oracle’s Taleo and RightNow product lines—and discusses how Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle Data Integration provide all the integration capabilities for cloud applications and on-premises applications. In the session, customers shared their real-life application integration experiences.

 CON8632: Extreme Performance and Scale Delivered by SOA on Oracle Exalogic
Demands to incorporate internet-scale applications, data, and social media traffic with existing IT infrastructure require extreme availability, reliability, and scalability. In this session on industrial-strength SOA, the audience learned how Oracle Exalogic and Oracle Exadata engineered systems address these requirements. They heard (1) how SOA and BPM benefit from “hardware and software engineered for each other,” (2) how Oracle Exadata provides the data tier with unparalleled scalability and performance for SOA and BPM running on Oracle Exalogic, (3) customer case studies, (4) best practices and topology guidelines, (5) information on tools that help operate, manage, provision, and deploy—to help reduce overall TCO. Extreme engineering at its best!

 CON8627: Administration and Management Essentials for Oracle SOA Suite 11g
Understand the key concepts and gain the knowledge to choose the right toolsets to manage and administer Oracle SOA Suite 11g. This session offered a deep dive into the product architecture and best practices for error handling, diagnostics, and monitoring—together with a few antipatterns to watch out for during your development and operational phases. Familiarize yourself with the newest product features that will empower your IT operations team to troubleshoot and diagnose issues in a production environment.

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