Hyperion Enterprise

Oracle Hyperion Enterprise is a proven packaged application that improves departmental financial consolidation and reporting efficiency by streamlining the collection, consolidation, and reporting of financial results in a global environment. With Hyperion Enterprise, you will be able to reduce your financial close cycle, improve the quality of financial information, and enhance decision-making.

Hyperion Enterprise can be distributed and installed at remote offices quickly and easily, and can be fully deployed by the finance organization with minimal information technology support.

What's New
Release 6.5.1 Highlights
 Hyperion Enterprise Extraction Utility - This utility allows you to extract metadata, account lists, entity lists, journals, data and logic from Hyperion Enterprise for import into other consolidation products. In this release, you'll be able to extract the Hyperion Enterprise application into a format that can be utilized by Oracle’s Hyperion Financial Management.
 Hyperion Enterprise Data Drill-back to FDM - This feature enables you to view details of the imported FDM data. You can drill down from a Hyperion Enterprise database cell or the Hyperion Enterprise web data grid to Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management, Fusion Edition to view details of the data source.
 Server Administration Utility - Enhancements include the ability to change the <application>.ini settings, the ability to change the FDM settings that allow users to view details of the imported FDM data and the ability to move server information previously stored in the Hscrctrl.dat file to the HEServers.xml files used in the 6.5.1 release.
 Application Backup and Restore Utility - A variety of enhancements have been included with the Application Backup and Restore Utility. Enhancements include launching the Application Backup utility from the Windows Start Menu, specifying a preferred location to restore backup applications and the ability to delete backup profiles. Additionally, the backup feature is now included in AutoPilot.
 Hyperion Enterprise Messaging Server now supports web messaging.
 Support for the User Account Control Feature (UAC) on the Windows Vista and Windows 2008 operation systems.
 Integration of the Hyperion Enterprise Smart View Office Provider component with the Hyperion Enterprise Installer.

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