Oracle Application Server 10g Software Downloads

Oracle Containers for J2EE Standalone Distributions - Production Releases

All software on this page is to be used according to the development license unless you are a licensed Oracle Application Server customer. Oracle Application Server customers can use this software according to the terms and conditions of your Oracle Application Server license.

NOTE: OC4J Standalone is purely for use in a standalone environment. It CANNOT be used to replace the OC4J running in ANY existing Oracle Application Server 10g installation.

 Click here to download Oracle WebLogic SmartUpgrade, for migrations from OC4J to Oracle WebLogic Server 11g

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Download Oracle Containers for J2EE 10g (OC4J)   (build #090727, 91 MB) - J2EE 1.4 compatible with EJB 3.0 / JPA 1.0 support
  - Platform Certification
  - Updated Documentation for
  - Base 10.1.3.x Documentation

Administrative Client Utility (6.4 MB) - Administrative client libraries and remote command line tool for Oracle

Download RMI Client Side Library (3.1 MB) - RMI client side java libraries
Download IIOP Client Library  (5.1 MB) IIOP client side java libraries
Download DataDirect JDBC Driver Downloads & Certification
J2EE Compatible