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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the frequently asked questions below and if you have any further comments or questions about Oracle Real-Time Integration Business Insight (Insight for short), you can post them in the community forum.

 Q: How can I learn more about Oracle Real-Time Integration Business Insight?

A: You can set up a development or evaluation environment for Oracle Real-Time Integration Business Insight, fllowing the steps in the Oracle Real-Time Integration Business Insight Quick Start Guide and start with a tutorial downloaded from the tutorials page. We are also in the process of extending Pre-built Virtual Machine for SOA Suite 12.2.1 with an Insight domain and will make that available soon.

 Q: Can I use this product to monitor any application?

A: In the first release, Real-Time Integration Business Insight works with Oracle SOA Suite 12.2.1, including Oracle Service Bus. Milestones can be defined within SOA composites with drill down into BPEL processes as well as entry and exit points of Service Bus pipelines and business services.

 Q: How do I purge my Insight instance data?

A: Insight leverages the BAM purge mechanism which is configured via EM.

 Q: happens if I update my composite or service bus project and redeploy it?

A: The Insight model monitoring the re-deployed application will be automatically deactivated and should be re-activated after carefully considering the changes to the application.
It is also important to note that milestones are mapped to the default revision of a composite. the Insight mapping screen provides a checkbox to show all composite revisions, if mapping to a specific revision is needed.

 Q: Does activating an Insight model modify my SOA or Service Bus artifacts?

A: No, This is the magic! Insight pulls data and metrics directly from the SOA and/or Service Bus runtime engines without any modification to the deployed applications or environment.

 Q: Is the SOA flowID available from the Insight metrics?

A: Yes, this is how Insight bridges the Business to IT communications gap. We create a link from the Insight business instance to the SOA instance in EM FMWC and deliver the email to the IT contact. The IT contact then can see the problem the business user is experiencing and has a direct link to the correct instance in EM FMWC.

 Q: I have to explicitly setup BAM and sensors similar the earlier SOA feature?

A: No, after installation, the only configuration required to gain insight into your SOA and Service Bus applications is to create the Insight model, map and activate it.


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