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Oracle Service Registry

Oracle Service Registry provides a 'DNS'-like reference for SOA runtime infrastructure to dynamically discover and bind to deployed services and end points. As part of the Oracle SOA Governance solution , Oracle Service Registry bridges the gap between the design time and runtime environments through automated synchronization with Oracle Enterprise Repository, Oracle Service Bus and Oracle SOA Suite. The benefits include:

  • UDDI V3 Compliance - Enables standards-based dynamic discovery of services and policies at runtime
  • SOA Agility - Keeps SOA infrastructure up-to-date with changes to service end points, ensuring your SOA doesn't break
  • Hot-pluggable - Supports heterogeneous services from any vendor
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Right Arrow Discover the features and benefits of the Oracle Registry and Repository

Technical Information
Right Arrow OSR Sizing Guidelines
This document outlines Oracle Service Registry deployment and sizing scenarios for a range of performance and scalability requirements.
Right Arrow High Availability Configuration
OTN Hands-on Guide: Creating an Oracle Service Registry 11g High-Availability Setup on Oracle WebLogic Server 11g
Right Arrow OSR 11g Topology Best Practices
Support Note Doc ID 1089793.1: Installing OSR 11g in the same Weblogic environment and domain as Oracle SOA Suite 11g PS1 and PS2
Requires Oracle Support Username and Password
Right Arrow Replication Guide (PDF)
Overview for selective one-way replication of business entity records across one or more service registry instances.

Latest Release
Right Arrow Download New Service Registry 11g R1
Choose from Windows, Linux, Solaris and Unix.
Right Arrow Oracle Service Registry Documentation
Consolidated Service Registry Install, User, Administrator and Developer's Guide's
Right Arrow Supported Platform Matrix (XLS)
Application Servers, Databases, Artifact Storage Tools, Web Browsers, IDEs, etc.

Additional Information
Right Arrow Oracle Repository and Registry Integrations
The OER Exchange Utility (XU) bi-directionally synchronizes Repository and Registry service metadata
Right Arrow Oracle Service Bus Registry 11g and UDDI User Guide
Includes Configuring, Publishing, Syncronizing and Importing.
Right Arrow Oracle SOA Suite 11g and Oracle Service Registry Integrations
Publishing and Browsing to the Oracle Service Registry using SOA Suite 11g and JDeveloper

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