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New Features in Oracle Enterprise Repository 11g Release 1 (

Updated: April, 2013

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Oracle Enterprise Repository 11gR1 ( includes both bug fixes as well as new features listed below.

Downloads, documentation links and more information are available on the Oracle Enterprise Repository OTN page and as always, we welcome your feedback on the Oracle Enterprise Repository OTN forum.

New in Oracle Enterprise Repository in this release


Code Compliance Inspector (CCI)

  • Built-in, design-time rule validation, e.g. WS-I BP compliance & Oracle Foundation Pack Best Practices (optional)
  • Automated Design-time Compliance Evaluation:
    • WS-I BP interoperability tests (subset)
    • Application Integration rules, from Oracle Foundation Pack
  • Runs from a command line utility on JDev project directory (SOA composites)
  • Results are automatically posted to Oracle Enterprise Repository composite detail pages and OER reporting page
  • Centralized reporting published within Oracle Enterprise Repository

Contracts Solution Pack

  • Formal capture of consumer-provider relationship
  • Out of the box support for contracts
  • Contracts are formally negotiated between providers and their consumers for terms of use and access to endpoints
  • Solution Pack now includes:
    • Boilerplate contract (compliance template) to copy for individual services
    • Terms of use (policies) referenced by the contract
    • Sample project, contract, and terms of use illustrating the use of contracts
    • Documentation

Harvesting enhancements

  • Advancing assets through lifecycle in scripted harvests (less manual intervention)
    • Specify lifecycle stage and other categories for NEW assets
    • Modify registration status and/or lifecycle stage for EXISTING assets
  • Harvesting now supports the association of new assets with an Oracle Enterprise Repository Producing Project
    • Command line and ANT harvester
    • JDeveloper harvester not supported
  • Harvesting from clustered environments
    • From access point, not only individual node

BI Publisher 11g support

  • BI Publisher 11g is now supported for Oracle provided reports as well as the development of custom reports

Other new features

  • Optionally Capture Name/Type/LBA from search UI into tables for Custom Reports on search terms (designed for Fusion Apps only)
  • New Asset Type portlet in Admin tab to view custom data elements for each Asset Type
  • New REX method to read the metadata of an asset given a specific tab
  • New System Setting: oer.newasset.initial.state
    • Sets the Initial Asset State when creating an asset in the Asset Editor
  • New System Setting: cmee.log.complete.searches
    • Allows for logging all search criteria instead of just keyword
  • UI Enhancement: Resizing the sidebar will also resize the contents, including the drop downs that have been difficult to read
    • Also added tool tips in the drop downs

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