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Ensure SOA return on investment through End-to-End Lifecycle Governance
  • Visibility into SOA assets minimizes redundancy, optimizes service reuse, and improves ROI.
  • End-to-end control throughout the lifecycle automates an asset's lifecycle progression, reflects the policies applied to assets, and monitors compliance to standards
  • Robust analytics track and illustrate the progress and value of SOA initiatives.
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Updates & News
NEW Oracle Enterprise Repository 12.1.3 includes updated integrations to the 12c version of Oracle products including SOA Suite, Service Bus and WebLogic.
New support for REST services and APIs includes new asset types and the ability to harvest WADL-based REST services.  Also included in this release are an updated installation process and documentation set.

Data Sheets
Oracle Enterprise Repository
Oracle API Catalog
OER Rapid Start Service
White Papers
Oracle SOA Governance Resource Kit
Related Products
Oracle API Catalog
Enterprise Repository Supported Platforms
Application Servers, Databases, Artifact Storage Tools, Web Browsers, etc.

Technical Information
OER 12c Sizing Guidelines
Determine the optimum configuration for your OER instance
OER 12c Asset Type Catalog
View all of the metadata fields included in the OER 11g asset types

Additional Information
Determining the ROI of SOA Through Reuse
Create a business case for SOA and SOA Governance
Concepts Guide
Get going with Governance! This document provides information that will help you quickly realize value from Governance.
Using OER to negotiate Service Contracts and Terms of Use
Learn how to use OER to negotiate contracts and terms of use between service providers and service consumers.
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