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Samples, Podcasts and Videos about Service Bus 12c


Sample projects and Tutorials
Find Samples and Tutorials on Oracle Service Bus and Oracle SOA Suite 12c


Video: How to REST Enable an Existing SOAP Service
A short video demonstration showing how easy it is to REST-enable an existing SOAP service in Service Bus 12c


Podcast: About Service Bus 12c
Bruce Tierney interviews Robert Wunderlich about the new features in Service Bus 12c.

Books about Service Bus 11g


Oracle Service Bus 11g Development Cookbook book cover Oracle Service Bus 11g Development Cookbook
Develop service and message-oriented solutions on the Oracle Service Bus following best practices using this book and ebook
by Guido Schmutz, Edwin Biemond, Jan van Zoggel , Mischa Kölliker, Eric Elzinga


Oracle Service Bus in 21 Days book cover Oracle Service Bus in 21 Days
EAIESB "OSB in 21 Days" provides developers, with step by step instructions to learn and use OSB components like File, FTP, Database, JMS and Email.


Getting Started With Oracle SOA Suite 11g R1: A Hands-On Tutorial book cover Getting Started With Oracle SOA Suite 11g R1: A Hands-On Tutorial
Fast track your SOA adoption - Build a service-oriented composite application in just hours!
by Heidi Buelow, Manas Deb, Jayaram Kasi, Demed Lher, Prasen Palvankar


book1 The Definitive Guide to SOA: Oracle Service Bus, Second Edition
Learn from the "source" with this book written by the product team.


 Oracle SOA Suite 11g R1 Developer's Guide
A hands-on, best-practice guide to using and applying the Oracle SOA Suite in the delivery of real-world SOA applications by Antony Reynolds and Matt Wright.


 Oracle SOA Suite Developer's Guide
Design and build Service-Oriented Architecture Solutions with the Oracle SOA Suite by Matt Wright and Antony Reynolds.


book2 Enterprise Service Bus
The book that defined the concept of Enterprise Service Bus, written by Dave Chappell.

Oracle Service Bus Samples

Visit the official Oracle Service Bus samples site often!  Many great samples and videos are posted here.

Oracle Service Bus 12c Samples
Oracle Service Bus 12c Samples and Tutorials
The SOA Suite 12c samples site hosted on provides sample projects as well as a complete end-to-end tutorial on how to use Oracle Service Bus and Oracle SOA Suite.

Oracle Service Bus 11g Samples

Oracle Service Bus Examples and Tutorials
The Oracle Service Bus examples provide you with a quick and easy way to experience the run-time capability of using Oracle Service Bus services in your design environment. The examples are preconfigured, user-driven scenarios that use Oracle Service Bus to communicate with business services. The examples are based on typical business scenarios that benefit from using proxy services to communicate between clients and business processes. You can run the examples to see how Oracle Service Bus operates in the run-time environment, or you can use the tutorials build the examples in the design environment to get more in-depth knowledge of how to configure the services.

Foundation Project
The following OSB samples require that this OSB Configuration project is in place.

OSB Hello World!
Learn the fundamentals of creating, deploying and testing proxy services. This project requires that you have the Foundation Project in place.

Oracle Service Bus 10.3.1 Samples

Sample: Sync2Async
This sample along with the demo cheatsheet demonstrates building a synchronous Web Service Proxy that routes to a JMS Request/Reply Business Service

Oracle Service Bus (OSB) 10.3.1 – JCA Transport with AQ Adapter Tutorial
This document provides step by step instructions for creating an Oracle Service Bus (OSB) configuration to update and retrieve data residing in an Oracle Advanced Queue (AQ)

Oracle by Example Series: Using the Oracle Service Bus Tuxedo Transport
In this tutorial, you learn how to configure all the components required to run the Oracle Service Bus Tuxedo Transport so your applications can utilize Tuxedo services from Java EE applications via OSB proxy and business services.

DB Adapter Viewlet
Viewlet that demos building an DB Adapter service in OSB 10.3.1

SAP Adapter Viewlet
Viewlet that shows building SAP adapter service for OSB 10.3.1

Siebel Adapter Viewlet
Viewlet that shows building Siebel adapter service for OSB 10.3.1

JCA DB Adapter with OSB
Provides step by step instructions to create proxy and business service using JCA Transport for DB Adapter. A working sample is provided as well (you need to tweak the transport configuration for your environment).

WLST scripts to import/export and customize OSB configuration jar
Demonstrates use of WLST scripts to import and export OSB configuration, and applying customization files to customize the deployment when moving from dev to stage to production

WLST script to delete cgDataSources from OSB domain
Deletes cgDataSouce and cgDataSource-nonXA data sources from the OSB domain. Use this script if you do not want these data sources that are created by the OSB domain template (for example, if you do not plan to ever extend the OSB domain to use ALINT). These data sources are not directly required by OSB itself.

WLST script to Clone & Customize services
Demonstrates OSB's capabilities to quickly provision 100s of similar services using WLST scripts that clone and customize (including resource reference updates) OSB resources.

Dynamic Service Invocation
Demonstrates use of Routing Options to perform URI override to achieve dynamic service invocation. Also, provides documentation on various patterns to achieve dynamic service invocation using OSB.

Custom Identity Asserter
Demonstrates use of custom identity asserter that is applied to a token received as part of the HTTP Header. You will learn to write a custom identity asserter, and to leverage the asserter to authenticate users based on a http header.

Processing Excel files using OSB
Demonstrates use of OSB to process Excel files. Reads Excel file using file transport. Uses Apache POI (Java API To Access Microsoft Format Files) APIs in Java Callout to extract data from the Excel. The data can then be used for routing etc.

Custom Reporting Provider
Demonstrates how users can extend OSB reporting functionality by creating a custom reporting provider to process reporting and alerting data.

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