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Pre-built Virtual Machine for
SOA Suite and BPM Suite 11g



Please note that this appliance is for testing purposes only, as such it is unsupported and should not to be used in production environment.

This VirtualBox appliance contains a fully configured, ready-to-use SOA/BPM installation.

All you need is to install Oracle VM VirtualBox on your desktop/laptop and import the SOA/BPM appliance and you are ready to try out SOA 11g and BPM 11g -- no installation and configuration required!

The following software is installed in this VirtualBox image:

  • Oracle Linux 6 Update 4 (64-bit)
  • Oracle Database Express Edition 11g Release 2
  • Oracle SOA Suite (includes Service Bus & Business Activity Monitoring)
  • Oracle Event Processing
  • Oracle BPM Suite
  • Oracle Webcenter Content (Enterprise Content Management)
  • Oracle Webcenter Suite
  • Oracle Webcenter Portal
  • Oracle JDeveloper
  • Oracle JRockit
  • Java SE Development Kit

Please use this Introduction and Readme document for detailed instructions on downloading and importing the VirtualBox image.

You must accept the OTN Virtual Machine License Agreement to download this version of the Oracle SOA Suite Virtual Machine for VirtualBox.

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Download oel6-64bit-soasuite-11gr1-ps6-otn.ova.7z.001 
(md5sum 7ad4ee15a9ea354d4aa32aefc81ebd05, 2.15GB)

Download oel6-64bit-soasuite-11gr1-ps6-otn.ova.7z.002 
(md5sum b49eae16113f757fac577ad1782c36e1, 2.15GB)

Download oel6-64bit-soasuite-11gr1-ps6-otn.ova.7z.003 
(md5sum dbea86ac6a88c41233676bec542b0495, 2.15GB)

Download oel6-64bit-soasuite-11gr1-ps6-otn.ova.7z.004 
(md5sum 814cd6adeca8cb8a5175a1a3c1fb0038, 2.15GB)

Download oel6-64bit-soasuite-11gr1-ps6-otn.ova.7z.005 
(md5sum 5bcc63155acbae00a277c88056b6f0db, 2.15GB)

Download oel6-64bit-soasuite-11gr1-ps6-otn.ova.7z.006 
(md5sum 367b0213c7606f2f3332141cf5001089, 1.62GB)

  • Download an md5sums program (if you use Windows) to check if your download completed correctly.
  • Download 7-zip and after all files have been downloaded, use it to extract the .001 file to obtain the .ova file to import into VirtualBox.
  • You will need at least 37GB of free disk space (not including the downloaded files and .ova file) on your computer to import this virtual machine.
  • Be sure you download the README file with all the necessary information needed to use this VM.
  • NOTE: In order to import this virtual machine successfully, you must use version 4.3.10 or above!