Oracle by Example Series: Oracle WebCenter

Oracle WebCenter, a new offering in Oracle's Fusion Middleware product line, is designed to help build more effective applications that take advantage of SOA to bring complete context to the information worker's daily tasks. WebCenter weaves process, business intelligence, structured and unstructured content, communication, and Web 2.0-style services into the very fabric of the application to create next generation online work environments.

In this section of the Oracle by Example series, you learn how to integrate Oracle Applications into a WebCenter application.

List of Tutorials
 Integrating Oracle E-Business Suite in a WebCenter Application: A Developer Preview April 2008
This tutorial provides a step-by-step guide to building a WebCenter application that consumes a set of the E-Business Suite Release 12 portlets.
 Adding a PeopleSoft Portlet to a WebCenter Application October 2007
This Oracle By Example (OBE) tutorial shows how to consume a PeopleSoft self-service page as a WSRP portlet in a WebCenter application.
 Using the Siebel Web Engine (SWE) to View Data in a WebCenter Application March 2008
Learn how to build a WebCenter application that dynamically queries Siebel data and parses the XML output coming from the Siebel Web Engine (SWE).
 Consuming a Siebel Web Service in a WebCenter Application October 2007
In less than 20 minutes learn how to consume a Siebel WebService in your WebCenter application. This is an Oracle By Example (OBE) tutorial.
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