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Oracle WebCenter Interaction, formerly called BEA AquaLogic User Interaction and now part of Oracle WebCenter Suite, is an integrated, comprehensive collection of components used to create enterprise portals, collaborative communities, and composite and social applications. WebCenter Interaction provides capabilities for social computing and Web 2.0 initiatives within the enterprise. It provides a cross-platform, multi-language solution that supports both Java and .NET framework and includes prebuilt support for integrating with an extensive array of enterprise systems including Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, and SAP applications. Oracle WebCenter Interaction also supports extensive role-based tools for all participants, from developers to business users. The open, extensible solution offered by Oracle WebCenter Interaction makes heterogeneous information and applications more accessible, and business processes more efficient, by providing enterprise services that deliver unified, collaborative, context-based user experiences.

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This tutorial covers the steps required to display WebCenter taskflows created with the Oracle JSF Portlet Bridge as portlets in Oracle WebCenter Interaction. Because WebCenter taskflows cannot be consumed directly by Oracle WebCenter Interaction, the tutorial covers configuring pagelets in Oracle WebCenter Ensemble that display the taskflows, then surfacing those pagelets in WebCenter Interaction as portlets.
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WebCenter Interaction provides an open, enterprise-wide environment where people and systems across the business can work together and leverage each others' implicit activities.