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Oracle WebLogic Integration is a comprehensive and flexible java-based solution that allows integrating systems, data and people within and across companies to make the most of existing assets wherever they are. With standards based connectivity for all major packaged applications, support for best practice patterns and a unified development environment designed to allow rapid construction of complex, transactional process scenarios. WebLogic Integration accelerates SOA initiatives by rapidly enabling corporate information and process integrations as a service to drive continued business innovation.

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10gR3 ( Release

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Download WebLogic Integration 10gR3 (
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WebLogic Integration 10gR3 ( is now available
List of new features:

Certification of JCA adapters

  • Oracle AQ Adapter for Oracle Advanced Queuing
  • Oracle Applications Adapter for the Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Oracle Application Adapter for SAP R/3
Comparison: Oracle WebLogic Integration's Custom Control and SOA Suite Spring Component
A while ago, the SOA PM team started an article series on OTN, SOA Suite Essentials for WLI Users, aimed at WLI users who want to learn more about SOA Suite and want to know how common WLI use cases can be implemented in SOA Suite 11g. We usually pair up a WLI expert and a SOA Suite expert, describing one of these use cases and explaining step-by-step how it can be implemented in SOA Suite.
For the latest addition to the series, we set out to explain how the new Spring Component which will be part of SOA Suite 11gR1 PS1 (and is available as tech preview in PS1) can be used in the same way as a WLI Custom Control.

This article is especially interesting as it focuses on java integration in SOA Suite, something that is of great importance to any WLI user. Please check out the article Comparison: Oracle WebLogic Integration's Custom Control and SOA Suite Spring Component and let us know what you think.