Oracle WebLogic Messaging

Oracle WebLogic Messaging is both an enterprise-class messaging provider included with the WebLogic Server platform, plus a set of integration facilities for transparently wiring arbitrary remote WebLogic and non-WebLogic JMS providers into your Java EE applications. It is fully compliant with the JMS Specification and also provides numerous extensions that make messaging robust, scalable, performant, and useful in an enterprise application environment.

The Oracle WebLogic Messaging provider supports clustering, XA (JTA) transaction integration, stand-alone C/Java/.NET clients, topics (pub/sub), queuing, non-persistent messaging, file persisted messages, and database persisted messages.   It also provides store-and-forward, messaging bridges, and message driven beans.   Finally, it provides a high QOS ‘strictly ordered messaging’ extension called ‘Unit of Order’ that allows programmers to specify fully honored suborderings within a destination.


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