Software Lifecycle Automation

Today's data centers need to respond quickly to changing business demands. This makes it imperative to be able to provision software and rollout changes in short order.

The Provisioning and Patch Automation Pack automates the deployment of software, applications, and patches. It makes critical data center operations easy, efficient and scalable resulting in lower operational risk and cost of ownership. The ability to provision the entire software stack that includes the operating system, the middleware and the database, supplemented by comprehensive reporting tools make Provisioning and Patch Automation Pack an extremely significant entity in overall System Management space.


Data Sheets, Business Whitepapers, Feature Overview
Oracle Enterprise Manager Data Sheet  
Standalone Provisioning and Patch Automation Pack Data Sheet
Provisioning and Patch Automation Pack for Oracle Databases Data Sheet  
Provision Databases in Minutes using Oracle Enterprise Manager and NetApp® FlexClone® Dec. 2010
Provisioning and Patch Automation Pack: Multiple IT Problems, Single Solution Feb. 2010
Forrester Consulting: Total Economic Impact of Oracle Enterprise Manager Configuration Management and Provisioning and Patch Automation Packs  March 2009


Self-Running Demos, Screenwatches, Online Training
Using Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g and My Oracle Support (Online Training)
Mass Patching of Oracle Databases (Screenwatch)
Automated Zero Downtime RAC Rolling Patching Orchestration (Viewlet)
Provisioning Real Application Clusters (Viewlet)
Provisioning RAC in a Multi User Environment Using SUDO Based Authentication (Viewlet)
Scale Up/Extend a RAC Cluster (Extending a RAC Node with ASM Storage (Viewlet)
De Scale/ Delete RAC Node (Viewlet)
More OBEs and Viewlets on Software Lifecycle Automation - Include Patching and Provisioning of Oracle Database, Real Application Cluster, Oracle Application Server, OS and more.

Customer Success

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Ingersoll-Rand | SuccessCast (Video)
Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory | Reduces Patching Time by 80% (Video) | Server & Software Lifecycle Management (Video) | SuccessCast
NetApp | NetApp Uses Provisioning and Patch Automation to Meet Compliance (Video)
Bayer Business Services | Bayer Uses Patch Automation to Automate Security Compliance (Video)

Best Practices

Technical Whitepapers. Best Practice Documents, Documentation
Provision Your Oracle RAC Systems Using Oracle Enterprise Manager Jan. 2011
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Enterprise Manager Administrator's Guide for Software and Server Provisioning and Patching July 2010
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Saving Time and Labor on Oracle Patching with EM Provisioning Pack - Case Study with Oracle Internal IT  February 2008
Bare Metal Provisioning of Linux using Enterprise Manager