Oracle Testing as a Service (TaaS)

Oracle Testing as a Service (TaaS) is a cloud-based platform for delivering automated application testing services. It is a self-service solution designed for private clouds that orchestrates the testing process end-to-end by automating the provisioning of test labs including application under test and test tools, executes load and/or functional test scripts against the application, provides rich application monitoring and diagnostics data for analysis, and also has sophisticated chargeback facility for metering and charging the usage of the testing cloud by end-users. Delivered though Enterprise Manager Cloud Control, TaaS makes it possible to significantly reduce testing time and costs without compromising quality and enables organizations to be more agile in delivering critical business applications to their users.
Oracle Testing as a Service includes the following key features:

  • Self-service portal for executing application load and functional tests.
  • Test library with full access and security controls which stores all the test assets (scripts, databank files, scenario description and user configurable parameters) available to end users.
  • On-demand automated provisioning of complete test labs that includes ability to deploy complex multi-tier applications, test tools, and test scripts.
  • Pre-built assembly for Oracle Load Testing, Oracle Functional Testing as well as custom test driver.
  • Sharing of cloud hardware resource pools to help maximize hardware utilization while abiding by security policies.
  • Integrated and rich application monitoring and diagnostics for middle tier and data tier, to ensure detection of bottlenecks and problems for the application under test.
  • Automatic Load Agent provisioning advisor, that suggests resources required for a test trial
  • Integration with Oracle BI Publisher reporting for custom reports and result exports
  • Resource metering and chargeback for tests that require to be charged to cost centers. These metering capabilities allow for tracking and charging for compute resources used.


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