Enterprise Manager Agent Downloads

Oracle Management Agent (Management Agent) is an integral software component that is deployed on each monitored host. It is responsible for managing and maintaining the hosts and its targets and communicating that information to the middle-tier Oracle Management Service. Management Agent also allows you to monitor non-oracle components, such as third-party databases, through management plug-ins and connectors.

Related Information

  • For more information about the Management Agent, refer to the Enterprise Manager Installation Guide
  • For information about the supported platforms, refer to the Certification Matrix 412431.1 (Certifications tab) available on My Oracle Support.
  • For information about the different installation scenarios and installation methods that can be used for each of those scenarios, refer to the Agent Best Practices paper. Agent Best Practices paper is a good starting point for anyone who wants to install a 10gR2 Management Agent. For 11gR1 Management Agent refer to the Basic Install guide available here.
  • To identify your OS platform is 32 or 64 bit, refer to the Metalink Note 421453.1
  • Management Agent Release Notes are avaliable here. From this documentation page click on View Library - Release Notes.

    Download Management Agent Software

    Download the Management Agent software using the links provided below. The download section on this page is classified based on the platforms names and further classified based on the Management Agent releases. Select the platform and the version of the Management Agent you want to download, and click Download to download the software.

    After downloading the software, verify that the size and checksum of the downloaded software matches with the size (bytes) and checksum information displayed along with the download link. For details on how to verify size/checksum and other details refer to section How to Procure the Software from Oracle Technology Network from Enterprise Manager Grid Control Advanced Installation and Configuration Guide available here.

    The download section consists of -

    Management Agent Install Software: This software will install a new Management Agent on your host. This software can also be used to upgrade Management Agent from from one major release version to another. For example, you can upgrade the Management Agent 10g Release ( to 10g Release 4 (

    Note: This software cannot be used to patch a Management Agent of a given release For information about patching a Management Agent, refer to 'Applying Patchset to Grid Control Management Agents' section from
    Oracle by example.

    Installation Instructions: Follow the instructions outlined in the instructions.txt file to successfully install the Management Agent

    You must accept the OTN License Agreement to download this software.
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    Agent Software for 32-bit Platforms
    • Microsoft Windows x86
      • 10.2.0.x
        • DownloadDownload Oracle Management Agent ( for Microsoft Windows x86        (273,389,954 bytes)
        • Installation Instructions
        • Note:Customers who wish to mass deploy Management Agents on Windows should download the Management Agent software for Windows to a shared location, then use Oracle Universal Installer to install. The silent, scripted installation is not available for Microsoft Windows platforms.

    Agent Software for 64-bit Platforms
    • z/Linux
        • DownloadDownload Oracle Management Agent ( for z/Linux       (679,942,147 bytes) (cksum - 969478553)
      • 10.2.0.x
    • IBM Power Based Linux
    • Microsoft Windows (64-bit Itanium)
      • 10.2.0.x
        • DownloadDownload Oracle Management Agent ( for Microsoft Windows (64-bit Itanium)        (167,198,826 bytes)
    • hp OpenVMS Alpha
        • DownloadDownload Oracle Management Agent ( for hp OpenVMS Alpha      (462,548,256 bytes) (cksum - 440110909)
    • hp OpenVMS Itanium
        • DownloadDownload Oracle Management Agent ( for hp OpenVMS Itanium      (994,017,027 bytes) (cksum - 3452544080)

    Enterprise Manager Agent and Binaries

    You can get the / agent binaries for the agent installation by using the Self Updated feature. Refer to the Agent deployment section of the Advance Install guide available here for more details.

    For information on using the Self Update feature, refer to the Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Administrator's Guide, available here.