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Source Code for Open Source Software Components: AOL Server

The source code for open source software and firmware components, as licensed under the applicable open source licenses, may be found by following the links below.

Some releases of Oracle products contain a number of runtime libraries provided by AOL Server under terms Mozilla Public License (MPL). For various reasons (e.g., bug fixes, performance, extensibility, etc.), Oracle may modify some of these source files and include them in product distributions.

Each zip archive contains a README file detailing the changes made to the source files along with source and binaries.

All modifications that Oracle has made to these files are licensed to all other entities under the terms of the same MPL license.

Oracle Product and Version Release Date Component Technology Downloadable Archive
PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.57 September 2018 Renserver AOL_Files_857.zip

For earlier PeopleTools releases, see https://oss.oracle.com/projects/aolserver/.