Solaris 10 OS on AMD Opteron Processor-based Systems—A Unique Proposition

A powerful combination for your business Sun and AMD take x64 computing to a new level with the breakthrough performance of AMD Opteron processor-based systems combined with the Solaris 10 OS. By combining the best of free and open source software with the most powerful industry-standard platforms, customers can take advantage of the most robust and secure, yet economical Web, database, and application servers.

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Key Highlights

More than 4.5 million registered Solaris 10 licenses; two-thirds for x64 and x86 platforms
More than 1600 x64 and x86 applications from approximately 1200 ISVs
More than 500 x64 and x86 systems from vendors as diverse as Sun, Dell, HP,and IBM
188 open source applications—including Apache, Tomcat, and MySQL—tested and fully integrated into Solaris
Solaris 10 and Sun Studio 11 have set 50 world records on AMD Opteron processor-based systems
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A unique partnership

Coengineering and technology collaboration

Growing the Solaris OS ecosystem for AMD64

Engaging the community

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World-record performance

Improve application performance

Memory placement optimization

Enabling data-intensive computing

Solaris for lower TCO

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Multicore platform support

Virtualization on x64

Built to scale


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Predictive Self-Healing

An innovative capability in Solaris 10, Predictive Self-Healing automaticallydiagnoses, isolates, and recovers from many hardware and application faults. As a result, business-critical applications and essential system servicescan continue uninterrupted in the event of software failures and major hardware component failures, even software misconfiguration problems. To deliver fault management support for AMD Opteron processor-based systems, Sun worked closely with AMD.

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Open source

For organizations that require access to the source code when choosing an operating system, the Solaris OS—millions of lines of code—has been released to the open source community via OpenSolaris gives developers and users a low-risk option for evaluating Solaris source, plus an excellent opportunity to participate in developing the Solaris OS. Additionally, 188 leading open source packages—like Apache, Tomcat and Samba—are included, precompiled and ready to go.


Learn More

To find out about the Solaris 10 OS and download it for free, please visit Read about Sun's x64 systemsat and see details of Solaris 10 world records at Find out if Solaris 10 is supported on your x64 system at

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