High Availability

High Availability  

Oracle Solaris 11 is a complete, integrated and open platform engineered for large-scale enterprise environments. It offers highest level of availability in single systems thanks to its numerous reliability features in server, networking and storage fault management. Oracle Solaris Cluster, fully integrated with Oracle Solaris, extends its reliability across multiple systems and sites to provide high availability and disaster recovery to applications and virtualized environments.

  • Increased system up-time with the Fault Management Architecture (FMA) monitoring proactively system hardware and handling failing components
  • Increased service up-time with Service Management Framework (SMF) helping services recover automatically from local software fault
  • Resilient networking with IP network multipathing and link aggregation preventing networking disruption by leveraging redundancy
  • Rock solid data integrity with ZFS Data Management
  • Application resilience through policy-based monitoring and recovery, high availability for Oracle Solaris Zones and Kernel Zones as well Oracle VM for SPARC virtualized environments with Oracle Solaris Cluster
  • Fast and reliable disaster recovery for multi-tiered services with Oracle Solaris Cluster geographic edition


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