Observability Tools

Observability Tools  

The Oracle Solaris 11.4 Observability Tools are comprised features integrated into Oracle Solaris 11 that allow you to troubleshoot system and application problems in real time giving you real-time and historical insight allowing for unprecedented power to diagnose and resolve issues quickly and easily. DTrace is our builtin programmatic observability and diagnosis capability. The Statistics Store (StatsStore) is an operating system data collection framework introduced in Oracle Solaris 11.4. The System Web Interface provides a one-stop shop for utilization and performance data with a simple, comprehensive browser-based frontend that also allows to visualize current and historical data, and correlate audit and system events with that data.

  • DTrace - DTrace is a comprehensive, advanced tracing tool for troubleshooting systematic problems in real time. Administrators, integrators and developers can use DTrace to dynamically and safely observe live production systems for performance issues, including both applications and the operating system itself. DTrace allows you to explore your system to understand how it works, track down problems across many layers of software, and locate the cause of any aberrant behavior. Whether it’s at a high level global overview like memory consumption or CPU time, to much finer grained information like what specific function calls are being made, DTrace gives the operational insights that have long been missing in the data center.
    • 80,000+ probe points across all facets of the operating system
    • Instrument user and system level software
    • Powerful and easy to use scripting language and command line interfaces
  • System Web Interface - The Oracle Solaris System Web Interface BUI provides a dashboard with fault status, and common utilization metrics. It can be customized to meet specific monitoring requirements. It is light-weight and extensible, and data can be interactively partitioned, for example CPU utilization can be aggregated across cores or sockets. It also allows you to perform some basic administrative tasks like user creation and administration.
  • StatsStore - The Oracle Solaris StatsStore is central location in each Oracle Solaris instance where the operating system stores utilization and performance data. All Oracle Solaris utilization and performance data will be migrated into the StatsStore, data stored in the StatsStore can be monitored and browsed via the Oracle Solaris Web Interface browser-based interface (BUI) or the command line tool “sstore.”


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