Oracle Database Runs Best on Oracle Solaris 

Oracle Database on Oracle Solaris helps customers lower IT costs and delivers a high quality of service by enabling consolidation onto database clouds and engineered systems. 

    Oracle Database 12c Available on Oracle Solaris!
    Ultimate Database I/O Observability (screencast)
    World's Fastest Database Server: Oracle SPARC T5 running Oracle Solaris 11
  Oracle SuperCluster T5-8 delivers: Up to 10x faster database and application performance than a build-your-own IT approach. 5x lower TCO by running Oracle Database and enterprise applications together on a single system 32x faster deployment of database cloud services.

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Performance Leadership

Oracle Solaris 11 takes advantage of Oracle’s SPARC architecture – the world’s fastest microprocessor and computer system and it is specifically optimized for the Oracle Database. SPARC T5-4 Produces World Record Single Server TPC-H @3000GB Benchmark Result.
The TPC-C benchmark with Oracle SPARC T5 and Oracle Solaris is 2.4 times faster per chip compared to the IBM Power 780 three-node cluster result. More details on this benchmark and other world record enterprise benchmarks with Oracle Solaris and Oracle Database can be found here and on the BestPerf (Performance and Best Practices) blog.

Database performance and scalability is greatly increased with Oracle Solaris 11 which is architected to provide support for tens of thousands of CPU cores and hundreds of terabytes of memory capacity, practically limitless virtualization and even higher reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) for future SPARC and x86 servers. For example, the new Virtual Memory subsystem is able to manage memory requests much faster and leverages the SPARC T4,T5 2GB large pages.

Another example is the Database Smart Flash Cache feature which was introduced in Oracle Database 11g Release 2. It allows customers to expand the database buffer cache beyond the main memory to a second level cache on flash memory thereby greatly increasing transaction throughput and improving application response times for IO-intensive applications. This feature is only available on Oracle Solaris (Oracle Solaris 11 or Oracle Solaris 10 10/08 or later) and Oracle Enterprise Linux.

“The performance improvements and scalability features provided by the Oracle infrastructure gives us confidence that we can continue to provide a high level of service to our personal and corporate customers, even as our transaction load increases in the future.” Read the full success story.
–– b.m. Nanda, General Manager-IT, Dena Bank


“We add 40,000 new customers to our loyalty program each year and the amount of data we must process increases each day. The combination of Oracle Database 11g Release 2 on Sun servers ensures we can accommodate business growth with ease.”  Read the full success story.
–– Ajay Nigam, Senior Manager, IT, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited

Mission Critical Reliability, Availability and Serviceability

You can reduce downtime costs by protecting your business from all common causes of planned and unplanned downtime, by running your database on Oracle Solaris. System and service availability are greatly increased with Oracle Solaris Predictive Self Healing using SMF technology and FMA to diagnose, isolate, and help recover from hardware, database and application faults. The most extensive enterprise High Availability and Disaster Recovery solutions are offered by Oracle Solaris Cluster. Together, Oracle Solaris and Oracle Solaris Cluster offer the most extensive RAS solutions for the largest portfolio of mission-critical applications.

“Oracle’s pre-integrated, best-in-class software and hardware underpins the maximum availability architecture that supports our goal of being one of Europe’s best-performing banks.”  Read the full success story.
–– Joseph Agius, Executive Head, Information Technology Bank of Valletta p.l.c.

Cost-effective and Secure Data Management

Compression, de-duplication, on-disk encryption, end-to-end checksums, triple-parity RAID, Hybrid Storage Pools and a self-healing file system that prevents silent data corruption make ZFS the most efficient, reliable and secure file system for your database. ZFS is the default file system in Oracle Solaris 11.

Oracle's Sun ZFS Appliance family, which delivers enterprise-class network, attached storage (NAS) capabilities with leading Oracle integration, simplicity, efficiency, performance, and TCO is based on Oracle Solaris ZFS technology.

Essential Security and Accountability

Oracle provides a comprehensive portfolio of security solutions to ensure data privacy, protect against insider threats, and enable regulatory compliance for both Oracle and non-Oracle Databases. Oracle Solaris security technologies protect data, applications, users, and the operating system itself. Data is protected at rest and in motion with discretionary and mandatory access control, data encryption, and integrity protection. Oracle Solaris reduces risk of insider attacks using role based access control and delegated administration. It assists in compliance with auditing and logging and provides trusted labeled security and multi-level access control.

Oracle Database Tablespace Encryption performance is greatly increased automatically when running on Oracle Solaris on SPARC T4 and T5 systems by transparently using the crypto accelerator. It enables customers to reduce risk by using encryption more pervasively. For example, Oracle SPARC T5 servers running Oracle Solaris deliver 3.9x encryption performance over Intel Xeon E5-2690.

Oracle Database audit and event logs can be consolidated with Oracle Solaris logs with the Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall product which expands enterprise auditing capabilities by collecting, consolidating, and managing such logs.

Agile Cloud Environments

Rapid provisioning of highly dynamic public or private database clouds is enabled with Oracle Solaris built-in features such as Oracle Solaris Zones and Network Virtualization enable rapid provisioning of highly dynamic public and private cloud environments for your database. Multiple versions of Oracle Database can run in different zones per your application needs and system resources can be assigned and managed for each.

Additionally Oracle VM Server for SPARC (LDOMs) offers hardware-based virtualization for Oracle Solaris systems when required. Administrators can also securely provision database applications from development through to production environments with simplified software lifecycle management.

“Oracle Solaris Containers enables us to proactively create resource partitions for available databases, reducing overhead related to utilization rates,” said Amit Sharma, IT Manager, Dena Bank. “Even if we add more computing resources to the system, we can still easily manage resources using Oracle Solaris Containers. Overall, we have cut the overhead for systems running on Oracle/Sun hardware and utilization rates by 15% to 20%.” Read the full sucess story.

Unique Observability and Diagnostics

You can troubleshoot database performance problems in real time on production systems with Oracle Solaris DTrace. DTrace is designed to safely and quickly identify the root cause of system performance problems without rebooting the kernel or recompiling — or even restarting—applications. It provides a single view of the software stack—from kernel to application— leading to rapid identification of performance bottlenecks.

New! With Oracle Database 12c DBAs can look for outlier I/O events through integration with DTrace. This feature which is only available on Oracle Solaris, allows you to optimize your Database I/O performance and quickly resolve I/O issues. For more information watch this screencast.

Fastest Deployment, Lowest Risk

You can greatly decrease your time to deploy and lower your risk by using Oracle Engineered systems or Oracle Optimized Solutions for your database. Oracle’s Engineered Systems running Oracle Solaris 11 – SPARC SuperCluster, Exadata Database Machine, Exalogic Elastic Cloud – provide ultimate reliability, fastest deployment and lower cost for Oracle deployments.

Oracle Optimized Solutions which are designed, tested, and fully documented architectures that are tuned for optimal performance and availability, leverage the innovative, built-in functionality of Oracle Solaris 11 to enable customers to lower their total cost of ownership, mitigate risk, accelerate business agility, and improve user productivity.

Hyundai Motor Company Document Cuts Repository Management and Access Times Approximately 85%, Saves More Than US$1 Million in Yearly Printing and Paper Costs using engineered systems running on Oracle Solaris 11. View the full success story.


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Performance Benchmarks

 SPARC T5-8 Produces TPC-C Benchmark Single-System World Record Performance
 SPARC T5-8 Delivers Oracle OLAP World Record Performance
 SPARC T5 Systems Produce Oracle TimesTen Benchmark World Record
 SPARC T5-2 Achieves ZFS File System Encryption Benchmark World Record
 SPARC T5-8 Delivers SPECjEnterprise2010 Benchmark World Record Performance
 SPARC T5-2 Achieves JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Benchmark World Records
 SPARC T5-2 Scores Siebel CRM Benchmark World Record

Oracle Engineered Systems

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Oracle Optimized Solutions

 for Oracle Database
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