Smart Cards for Hotdesking

This page provides a list of smart cards for hotdesking with the Sun Ray Software 5.1 release and later. This list is for informational purposes only. While these and other smart cards do work with Sun Ray Software under specific configurations, users are responsible for selecting and testing for a smart card that is compatible with their software and systems, prior to deployment. This information should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions and further user testing is highly recommended for your configuration. This list and its specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Note: Sun Ray 3 Series Clients do not support the use of "dual-interface" cards which implement electrically active features on the two ISO "Reserved for Future Use (RFU)" card contact points. Use of smart cards with electrical connectivity on these two RFU contacts may result in damage to the smart card reader over time. Questions regarding whether or not a particular smart card makes use of the two RFU contact points for other features should be directed to the smart card vendor.


Smart CardModels/NotesManufacturerConfig File
Axalto CryptoflexAxalto Cryptoflex 4K, Axalto Cryptoflex 8K, Axalto Cryptoflex 32K v4, Axalto Cryptoflex 32K e-gate, Axalto Cryptoflex 32K e-gate v4, Axalto Cryptoflex 32K for Windows, Axalto Cryptoflex for WindowsGemalto, Axalto, SchlumbergerCryptoflex.cfg
Belgian National Identity Card Belgian National GovernmentBelgian-eID.cfg
Bull TB CP8Bull TB CP8 TB60, Bull TB CP8 TB100, Bull TB CP8 TB1000, Bull TB CP8 TB98SBullBullTB.cfg
Common Access Card (CAC Card) US DOD, OracleJavaBadgeCAC.cfg
Gemalto dot NETGemalto dot NET V1, Gemalto dot NET V2Gemalto, MicrosoftGEMALTOdotNet.cfg
Gemplus GemClub Memo Gemalto, GemplusGEMPLUS-GemClub-Memo.cfg
Gemplus GPK-4000, Gemplus GPK-8000Gemplus GPK-4000-S, Gemplus GPK-4000-SP, Gemplus GPK-4000-SU40, Gemplus GPK-4000-SU256, Gemplus GPK-4000-SD, Gemplus GPK-8000Gemalto, GemplusGEMPLUS-GPK4000.cfg or GEMPLUS-GPK.cfg
Gemplus GPK-16000 Gemalto, GemplusGEMPLUS-GPK.cfg
Gemplus GemXpresso 211Gemplus GemXpresso 211is V2, Gemplus GemXpresso 211PKis BetaGemalto, GemplusGemXpresso.cfg
Gemplus GemXpresso 64V2N Gemalto, GemplusGemXpresso.cfg
Gemplus GemXpresso Pro 64L Gemalto, GemplusGemXpresso.cfg
Gemplus MPCOSGemplus MPCOS 8K, Gemplus MPCOS 16K, Gemplus MPCOS 32K, Gemplus MPCOS 64K, Gemplus MPCOS 128KGemalto, GemplusGEMPLUS-MPCOS.cfg
Gemplus MPCOS 3DESGemplus MPCOS 3DES 8K, Gemplus MPCOS 3DES 32K, Gemplus 3DES MPCOS 64KGemalto, GemplusGEMPLUS-MPCOS-3DES.cfg
Giesecke & Devrient Smart Cafe V1.1C Giesecke & DevrientGD-SMARTCAFE.cfg
Giesecke & Devrient STARCOSGiesecke & Devrient STARCOS S2.1, Giesecke & Devrient STARCOS SPK2.3, Giesecke & Devrient STARCOS SPK2.4, Giesecke & Devrient STARCOS SPK3.0Giesecke & DevrientGD-STARCOS.cfg


NXP, IBMJCOP21lid.cfg
IBM/NXP JCOP 3.1 JavaCard

Mondex MM2 Mondex, MasterCard, National Westminster BankMondexMM2.cfg
Mondex UNU Mondex, MasterCard, National Westminster BankMondexUNU.cfg
Oberthur PIV Card OberthurOberthurCS.cfg
Open Platform

n/a (spec)

Card compliant to OpenPlatform V2.0.1, GlobalPlatform 2.0.1, and JavaCard 2.1 spec with OPCM (OpenPlatform Card Manager) using default CMAID

Payflex (Protiva)Micropayflex, Payflex 1K, Payflex 2K, Payflex 4K, Payflex 4K SAM, Payflex 8K, Payflex 8K SAM, Payflex HID (short ATR)Gemalto, Axalto, SchlumbergerPayflex-All.cfg

** The supported smart cards on this list have their config (.cfg) files automatically installed and configured on the Sun Ray server. The config files are added to the /etc/opt/SUNWut/smartcard/probe_order.conf file. If you use the Sun Ray data store (SRDS) to store the smart card config files, the config files specified in SRDS will take precedence over the config files specified in the probe_order.conf file.