Downloading a Sun Ray Software Product Pack

This page shows you how to download the Sun Ray Software Media Pack, Oracle Virtual Desktop Client, and Sun Ray Connector for Citrix XenDesktop from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud.

  1. Login to the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud site:
  2. Read the Export Restrictions page, and click Accept.
  3. Select Filter Products By 'Product', under Product, enter 'Sun Ray Software', and select the Sun Ray Software platform(s), click Continue.
  4. Select the release(s), and click Continue.
  5. Read the Oracle Standard Terms and Restrictions, accept, and click Continue.  A pop-up will appear with a list of downloadable files.

    Note: Oracle Virtual Desktop Client and the Sun Ray Connector for Citrix XenDesktop (for Sun Ray Software Media Pack release 5.2 and above) can be also found under the pop-up list of Sun Ray Software downloads in step 5.