Did You Know?

Archive of "Did You Know" tips from Home Page of System Admin and Developer Community of OTN

The Enterprise Controller in Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center is certified to run on zones on Oracle Solaris 10 and Oracle Solaris 11.
Certified Systems Matrix Guide, 27Jul

Adding and removing SAN devices to Oracle Solaris requires knowledge of the cfgadm, cfgadm_fp, format, and luxadm commands.
Solaris Admin Docs, 7July

The documentation for Oracle SunFire servers includes animations of the service procedures
SunFire Docs, 29June

To download Sun Ray Operating Software 11.0 (client firmware), you must now use My Oracle Support.
Sun Ray Software FAQ, 11May

The OCDoctor quickly identifies potential issues before you install the Ops Center software. In some cases, it provides a fix.
Ops Center Docs, 16April

Oracle Solaris 11 saves crash dumps faster.  A new crash dump file, vmdump.n, is a compressed version of the vmcore.n and unix.n files.
Solaris Docs, 06April

Some of the commands to manage users, groups, and roles have changed  in Oracle Solaris 11
Solaris Documentation, 29March

ZFS is the default filesystem for Solaris 11. UFS is still supported, but not for boot environments.
Documentation, 21Feb

The tavor driver that supports older Infiniband host channel adapters will be removed from future versions of Oracle Solaris 11.
EOF Notices, 6Feb

To create a cgroups hierarchy and attach subsystems to it, edit the mount section of the /etc/cgconfig.conf file as root.
Oracle Linux Documentation, 1Feb

SUSE Linux uses a .profile file while Oracle Linux uses a .bash_profile file. To migrate users, copy content from one profile file to the other.
Senger, Shyong, 25Jan

Run the runInstaller.sh script with the --uuid option to maintain the same Oracle VM manager ID after re-installation.
Documentation, 11Jan

To improve performance without sacrificing capacity, use flash drives for frequently accessed data, and hard drives for massive data sets.
Technical White Paper, 9Jan

The help(function) command of the R language provides help about function.
John Cook, 5Jan


The show-phys option to the dladm command lists the physical network devices connected to a Solaris 11 zone, including their physical address, status, and speed.
Duncan Hardie, 29Dec

You can serve multiple IPS package repositories using multiple depot server instances running on different ports on the same repository server.
Alta Elstad, 22Dec

You can also run multiple IPS package repositories under one domain name with different prefixes.
Alta Elstad, 22Dec