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This page provides step-by-step instructions for installing patches on the Solaris operating system (OS). For more documentation, see the Resources tab.

Continue Getting Support for Solaris 8 With Vintage Patch Service


Are you new to installing patches on a system running the Solaris OS?
Automate Your Patching Process
Sun provides Sun xVM Ops Center as one of the solutions for patching and updating the Solaris OS. Read article
How to Resolve Printing Errors With Patches
New features in Solaris 10 5/08 (Update 5) introduced printing errors. Most of these can be resolved with patches. Two Sun Alerts resolve many of these issues.
How to Use the patchadd Command
Basic steps for using the patchadd command and definitions for patch-related terms. Read chapter
How to Extract .jar files
A Sun alert notification that explains how to address problems with signed patches that do not install properly due to file attributes. Read article

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Register Your Gear

To automate your patching, register your gear at either:


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Solaris 10 Patch Bundles for Solaris Updates
Patch Bundles are downloadable from the SunSolve Patch Cluster & Patch Bundle Download Page. Patch Clusters and Patch Bundles are popular collections of patches providing specific functionality. They contain an install script for ease of installation. The Solaris 10 Update Patch Bundles provide the equivalent patch set to that contained in the corresponding Solaris 10 Update. They are useful for customers who wish to bring all their systems up to the same patch level as a Solaris 10 Update.

For more information, see:

Manage change, risk, and system availability with Solaris Live Upgrade

  • Restrictions for Using Solaris Live Upgrade
    This article identifies issues with Solaris Live Upgrade and provides a senario for upgrading from the Solaris 8 release to the Solaris 10 release. Read article
  • How to Use Solaris Live Upgrade to Install Patches On Your System
    Basic steps for using Solaris Live Upgrade to avoid patching a running system and to avoid using single-user mode. Read article
  • How to Patch a System With RAID-1 Volumes by Using Solaris Live Upgrade
    If you are using Solaris Volume Manager with mirrored root (/) file systems, here are the steps to install patches a system. Read article
  • How to Patch and Upgrade a System by Using Solaris Live Upgrade When Non-global Zones Are Installed.
    Steps for using Solaris Live Upgrade to install patches a system and to upgrade a system that has non-global zones installed. Read article
  • Blog: Patching With Solaris Live Upgrade.
    This blog provides an example of using Solaris Live Upgrade to patch a SuniFire 220R system that has non-global zones installed and is running Solaris Volume Manager. Read article

Patching Solaris Using Sun xVM Ops Center
This article describes the methods to patch the Solaris OS by using Sun xVM Ops Center 1.1. Read article

How to Patch Sun Cluster Software
Step-by-step procedures for adding and removing patches for a Sun Cluster configuration are provided. Read article

Patching a Miniroot Image on the Solaris 10 OS for x86 or SPARC Platforms
This article describes how to install the latest Kernel Update patch, or any patch, to a SPARC or x86 miniroot image for the JumpStart installation program. Read article

For more documentation, see the Resources tab.