Patch Management Tools

Sun xVM Ops Center and Sun Connection provide patch management and automation.

Sun Ops Center - Next Generation

Sun xVM Ops Center is Sun's premier patch management tool. Sun xVM Ops Center provides patch management to enterprise customers for systems running Solaris 8-10 and Linux operating systems. Sun xVM Ops Center also provides OS and firmware provisioning, inventory, registration, and system management.
  • Features
  • One click access to patching your enterprise with the latest recommended and Enterprise Standard (EIS) Solaris and Linux patch bundles.
  • Run patch job simulations to perform cursory checks prior to patch deployment. The simulations enable you to pre-stages patches on the servers being patched, which shortens the maintenance window. When you deploy a patch job after a simulation, the job verifies that the needed patches are there, and then does a package add.
  • Create patch bundles against known bugs or security violations, etc.
  • Run pre- and post-action scripts within a job to do tasks such as take down an application, break mirrors, or detach clusters prior to patching, etc. You can embedded these tasks in a job to automate and schedule the tasks when you choose.
  • Track the changes made when patching, for example, who did what and when.
  • Provision hardware and firmware across subnets.
  • Generate inventory, provisioning, and patch reports.
  • Deploy and manage configuration files and third-party software.
  1. Top Reasons for Using Sun xVM Ops Center
  2. Optimize your maintenance window. Use Sun xVM Ops Center's automation to check for dependencies, schedule update jobs, and stage your updates. You can also create patch policies to define which updates are applied.
  3. Improve security and availability. Make these improvements by keeping your Solaris and Linux systems updated with the latest patches. The Sun xVM Ops Center knowledge base captures all new patches, packages, Sun freeware, and RPMs. Sun develops and tests all dependencies and then publishes updated dependency rules to its clients.
  4. Register multiple systems. Register your hardware and software, or gear, at the same time with the new, quick, and easy registration client in Sun xVM Ops Center.
  5. Manage and organize your registered Sun asset inventory. Control your inventory by using the gear feature in Sun xVM Ops Center.
  6. Update your Solaris, Red Hat, and SuSE operating systems from a single console. Learn more about the Sun xVM Ops Center's satellite deployment architecture.

Sun Connection

Sun Connection Enterprise is now a component of Sun xVM Ops Center.

Single System Management

You can manage updates on a single system locally by using the Update Manager.

Free Patch Tool - Patch Check Advance (PCA)

Patch Check Advance (PCA) generates lists of installed and missing patches for Solaris systems and optionally downloads patches. PCA is a free, third-party tool created and maintained by Martin Paul.
Patch Manager 2.0 is no longer available. Solaris 8 and 9 OS users should upgrade to Update Manager or Sun xVM Ops Center.
  • For Update Manager, contact:
  • For Sun xVM Ops Center, contact your sales representative.

A Patch Corner blog entry describes how to use the new PatchFinder tool available on SunSolve. The new PatchFinder tool uses Sun's internal Patch Metadata Web Services to provide a richer search experience.