Statements of Direction Updated June 2004
 Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, Oracle Designer Statement of Direction.
  This article summarizes Oracle's Software Development strategy for Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports and Oracle Designer. June 2004
 SCM(Repository) Statement of Direction
  Oracle has released a Statement of Direction for Oracle SCM. June 2004
 Designer and SCM(Repository) Maintenance Schedule
  The ongoing maintenance and release schedule for Designer and SCM. April 2004
 Designer and SCM(Repository) Maintenance Schedule FAQ

Questions raised as a result of the above documents. April 2004

 Product Overview ( PDF)
 Modeling J2EE Applications using Designer and JDeveloper ( PDF)
 Designer in the 21st Century ( PDF) ( ZIP)
 Announcing the Repository Object Browser (ROB)( PDF) ( ZIP)

Requirements and Analysis
 Documenting the Enterprise Using Designer ( PDF) ZIP

Server Design and Generation
 Fast Track Model Based Design and Development with Designer ( PDF) ZIP

Application Design and Generation
 Building Forms Applications Using Designer ( PDF) ZIP
 Generating Designer Web Application Portlets ( PDF) ZIP
 Generating Business Components (BC4J) from Oracle Designer ( PDF) ( ZIP)

Software Configuration Management
 Software Configuration Management with Designer ( PDF) ZIP
 Example of Using Designer for SCM ( PDF) ZIP
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