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Oracle Web Services Manager 10g (

Download for Linux x86 (281,819,648 bytes) (cksum 475429930)
Download for Linux Itanium (265,868,288 bytes) (cksum 1611243291)
Download for Microsoft Windows (261,261,429 bytes)
Download for Microsoft Windows (64-bit Itanium) (259,277,525 bytes)
Download for Solaris Operating System (SPARC) (64-bit) (304,832,512 bytes) (cksum 2944369162)
Download for Solaris (x86) (215,457,792 bytes) (cksum 3047788774)
Download for HP-UX PA-RISC (274,626,560 bytes) (cksum 188126958)
Download for HP-UX Itanium (356,895,232 bytes) (cksum 3233446419)
Download for AIX5L (250,233,856 bytes) (cksum 3807284732)
Download for Power Linux (252,855,296 bytes) (cksum 2288842762)
Download for z/Linux (244,804,096 bytes) (cksum 2693489126)

Oracle Web Services Manager 10g ( Third-Party Server Agents

Download for Linux x86 (17,824,498 bytes)
Download Microsoft Windows (17,824,498 bytes)

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