Oracle Embedded Technology

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Developers may choose to embed Oracle Database and middleware technology within the software applications or hardware devices they are building in order to deliver more complete, turnkey solutions with lower total cost of ownership.

Oracle Java Embedded technologies provide developers with a platform designed and optimized to meet the unique requirements of embedded devices, such as microcontrollers, sensors, and gateways. They enable intelligent systems for M2M communications including those used for building control, e-health, manufacturing data, smart grid infrastructure, home automation, and environmental sensors.

What's New

Red Arrow Oracle Java SE Embedded version 7 Update 71 is now available for download. This is the latest Critical Patch Update and Oracle strongly recommends that all Java SE Embedded 7 users upgrade to this release. Learn More

Red Arrow Oracle Java SE Embedded 8u6 is now available for download and contains many updates including support for new platforms, new features including JSR 197, as well as bug and security fixes. Learn More

Red Arrow Java SE Development Kit 8u6 for ARM is now available and supported on systems based on ARM v6 or ARM v7 running Linux. Learn More

Red Arrow Oracle Event Processing for Oracle Java Embedded a new optional component for Oracle Java Embedded Suite that enables embedded applications to filter, correlate, and process streaming events in real-time. Learn More

Red Arrow Oracle Java ME Embedded 8.1 binaries are now available for Freescale FRDM-K64F (Cortex-M4/mbed) and Raspberry Pi (ARM 11/Linux). Learn More

Red Arrow Oracle Java ME Software Development Kit (SDK) 8.1 is now available to support Oracle Java ME Embedded 8.1 platforms.  Documentation

Red Arrow MySQL Embedded Online Forum (Jan. 31, 2012, 9am PT) MySQL Embedded
Join our expert-created and delivered MySQL Embedded Online Forum to learn why MySQL is a great embedded database for startups as well as the largest software, hardware, and appliance vendors in the world, and how its features ensure costs remain low throughout an application's life cycle.

Red Arrow Oracle Berkeley DB Java Edition 5.0 Released
This major update includes many new features, enhancements, and options that users have been asking for - including a new class called DiskOrderedCursor, which greatly increases performance of systems using spinning-platter magnetic hard drives.

Red Arrow Article: Using Oracle Berkeley DB as a NoSQL Data Store
Learn why and how Oracle Berkeley DB can bring NoSQL benefits to your app.

Red Arrow Watch Berkeley DB TechCastsberkeley-db-logo
Catch three new TechCast interviews with PM Dave Segleau about various topics,
including new SQL Lite support and Java development with Berkeley DB.

Red Arrow Berkeley DB 11g R2 ( Available

Berkeley DB 11gR2 is a major new release adding full SQL support including ODBC, JDBC. Now, in addition to the key/value APIs, Berkeley DB can store relational data, process dynamic queries, and provide highly concurrent access to data all within a 1MB library. Berkeley DB provides new support for Android and is integrated with the Oracle Mobile Sync Server making it easy to store data from the edge into the enterprise.

Red Arrow Berkeley DB XML 2.5 Available
Berkeley DB XML 2.5 is a new release featuring default pre-indexing for faster development, 30% smaller disk footprint and integration with XQuery scripting services.

Red Arrow Oracle Database 11g Embedded Installation Resource Kit
This kit provides developers with tools and guidance to build a clonable setup of your Oracle Database 11g software, which you can then use to automate the invisible deployment of an Oracle Database. This kit includes scripts, utilities and tools can serve as an example of embedding an Oracle Database within an application.

Oracle Embeddable Products

Java Embedded

Oracle Java SE Embedded
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Oracle Event Processing for Oracle Java Embedded
Oracle Java Embedded Suite

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Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database
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