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Young people are learning programming languages from the earliest ages and up. These tools and web sites teach young people how to program using the Java programming language, and Java-based languages developed for ease of use.

Young Developers Learning Path -This article describes the tools you can use to learn the Java Programming language. Online Alice and Greenfoot training from Java Summer Workshop 2011 is available. Attendees loved it! comments, projects and pictures.

New Technologies and Communities!

  Scratch, a simple programming
  language with drag-and-drop

  No Programming Experience  –  
  Simplest tools for ages 5 - 15


  Download Scratch
  Quick tutorials
  Self pace tutorials

  Lesson Plans

  Greenfoot, a visual 2D
  educational software tool
  with a code editor to create
  games and simulations. 

  No Programming Experience –
  Less simple for ages 13 - 25

Greenfoot + Java  

  Download Greenfoot      
  Get Started
  Video Tutorials
  Resources for Teachers
  Wombat Scenario, Part. 1
  Wombat Scenario, Part 2
  Getting your Feet Wet  
  Shall we Play a Game 
 The Snakes are after Us

  Alice, a 3D educational software
  tool with a drag-and-drop
  interface to create animations.  

  No Programming Experience -
  Less simple for ages 8 - 22

Alice + Java

  Download Alice
  What is Alice?

  Download Alice 3 Beta

  Alice 3 Tutorials
  Teacher Resources
  Storytelling Alice

  BlueJ, a professional Java
  development tool with a
  simplified interface for beginners. 

  A Little Experience - Ages 15 - 25

BlueJ + Java  

  Download BlueJ
  The BlueJ Tutorial

  Lesson: Object-Oriented
  Programming Concepts

  About the Java Technology

  Blueroom, a Teacher Community 

  NetBeans, a fully featured
  Java integrated development 

  Some Experience - Ages 15 - 25


Download the NetBeans IDE

  The Java Tutorial
  NetBeans Teaching

  Java Technologies in
  Desktop Applications

  Java Technologies for
  Web Applications

  Documentation, Training
  & Support

  build a desktop application
  with NetBeans

Other Resources 


FreshBrain is a platform 
that aims to let teenagers 
explore different technology 
areas, create projects and 
share projects.

Freshbrain Developer


 This site provides kids 
with an interactive, 
self-paced tutorial to
the Java programming

Java for Kids


Dr. Java

 Dr. Java is a lightweight 
development environment 
for writing Java programs 
and interactively evaluating
Java code

Dr. Java