Oracle Identity Manager

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 Oracle Identity Manager 11g Release 2

 Oracle Identity Manager 10g (9.1.0)  
Oracle Identity Manager 11g Release 2  is a software application that is used as a method to  centralize the management of the roles and privileges of user accounts within an organization. The Target of Evaluation  (TOE) is capable of associating certain user attributes  (or combinations of user attributes) with different sets of privilege on Operational Environment resources. The TOE Security Functions (TSF) can then configure these resources based on this association. The TOE can consume data that already exists in organizational identity stores so the privilege model does not need to be one that is defined  by the TOE.  Oracle Identity Manager is a flexible and scalable enterprise identity management system that centrally controls user acounts and access privileges to enterprise IT resources. It provides the functionalities of identity administration, approval and request management, policy-based entitlement management and audit and compliance automation. OIM automates user identity provisioning and deprovisioning and enables organisations to manage the entire life cycle of user identities across all resources in the organisation.